Super Large Business Jet Dassault Falcon 900LX to charter for private aviation flights with LunaJets for fuel efficiency, range, intercontinental
24 Aug 2019
Large Jet

Dassault Falcon 900LX

Dassault delivered the first production Falcon 900LX in 2010 as a replacement to the 900EX. It is fitted with a variety of upgrades, including new wing designs and three new turbo fan engines, which serve to increase its overall performance, particularly in terms of its fuel efficiency and range, which has risen to 8800km. These improvements, combined with the recognizable and effective profiled winglets, also explain the maximum cruise speed of the Falcon 900LX, which is greater than both the Bombardier Challenger 850 and the Global 5000. Much like the 900DX, this aircraft is categorised as a Super Large Business Jet and offers the same extra-wide and long fuselage, similar in size to that of the flagship Falcon 7X. The modern interior is split into three separate zones and can seat up to 13 passengers and is not just spacious, but also luxurious and features WIFI and an MP3 system to provide an enjoyable journey. Comfortable, efficient and capable of connecting major cities, such as Paris and Beijing or New York and Moscow, the Falcon 900LX is a fantastic option for your flight.

height: 6.17 ft | 1.88 mspeed: 474 kts | 878 kphrange: 4750 nm | 8797 km

Cabin Specifications

length 10.11 meters
Standard cabin layout
height: 1.88 meters
width 2.34 meters

Range Map

Empty Legs

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origindestinationfrom dateuntil dateseatsprice
LASLas VegasUSVNYVan NuysUSFromSat 24 Aug 2019UntilSun 25 Aug 20197 4,750
FromSat 24 Aug 2019
UntilSun 25 Aug 2019
FABLondonGBTEBNew YorkUSFromTue 27 Aug 2019UntilSat 31 Aug 201916 43,430
FromTue 27 Aug 2019
UntilSat 31 Aug 2019