Hire a Private jet from London to Geneva and Geneva to London

Fly between London and Geneva in style in a private business jet. This short flight links two of Europe's most important financial centres. At Luna Jets, we offer an unparalleled jet charter experience between these two major financial hubs.

Why Hire a Private Jet with Luna Jets?

Luna Jets offers: 

  • Travel from Geneva to London in only about two hours
  • Excellent on-board service including delicious food and refreshments 
  • Aviation advisory team available 24/7 to ensure a great experience
  • Personal bespoke service
  • Extensive industry experience in organizing private jet flights for business travel
  • Access to more than 4,800 private jets in various models both heavy and light
  • Affordable prices that deliver high value-for-money
  • VIP departure and arrival services transporting you to and from the airport
  • Convenient mobile app and loyalty programme
  • Online comparator tool 
  • Easy booking process
  • Charters available for groups of up to 300 passengers

Why Visit Geneva and London for Business Travel?

As the European headquarters for the world bank and other multinational corporations, Geneva is a global hub for banking and diplomacy. London, the political and cultural capital of the United Kingdom, is home to over 500 financial and insurance institutions. This makes these two cities both popular destinations for European business travel. 

Geneva Cointrin International Airport is always equipped and ready for smooth landings for any sized private jet, and we fly smoothly in and out of several different London airports as well. When you hire a private jet with us, you will enjoy smooth landings and takeoffs on both ends. 

Things to Do While in Geneva

Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland and lies at the southern tip of Lake Geneva. Some popular tourist attractions in Geneva include the Geneva Water Fountain, the St. Pierre Cathedral, and the Palais des Nations.

Sightseeing tours and cruises abound, but if you're looking for an out-of-the-ordinary touring option in Geneva, consider the Zombie City Exploration Game. While playing this thrilling game, you'll learn more about Geneva as you take in notable sights including Place-du-Bourg-de-Four, Plainpalais, and the iconic Flower Clock

Since Luna Jets is headquartered in Geneva, our travel advisory team can assist you with additional ideas for experiencing Geneva's beauty and rich history during your visit. 

Things to Do While in London

With some of the world's best shopping, dining, and history, you'll never be bored in London. If you aren't already familiar with London, you'll want to include these must-sees during your visit:

The most famous park in London, called Hyde Park, is also one of its largest parks. Not only is Hyde Park beautiful, but it has a reputation for historic demonstrations and protests, including those done by the Suffragettes. Take in the fresh air, watch one of the weekly performances, or enjoy a relaxing paddle boat ride. 

Westminster, another must-see, is home to the Houses of Parliament and the world-famous clock tower known as Big Ben. You can still count on this iconic clock to chime every hour like well...clockwork. While you're there, be sure to step foot in Parliament Square where Winston Churchill once trod.

The Thames is England's longest river and boasts a rich history dating back to ancient times. There are a number of cruises available there, running as regularly as every 30 minutes. While on a Thames cruise, you'll pass by key sightseeing locations including the Houses of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, and the London Eye. 

Whatever your travel plans between London and Geneva, Luna Jets has you covered with the perfect private jet package. 

Private Jet Charters Offered by Luna Jets

We offer the following types of private jet charters: 

  • Leisure Charters
  • Corporate Charters
  • Group Charters
  • Last-Minute Charters
  • Emergency Charters
  • Helicopter Charters

Affordable Pricing from London to Geneva

Pricing varies of course, but here's a quick example: Chartering a Cessna Citation Mustang for two people with a return flight the same day will only cost you around €8,500.

Our philosophy at Luna Jets is, "Pay less, fly more." Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Luna jets has the perfect package to meet your needs. We are a private aviation brokerage company serving people wishing to travel anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from London to Geneva?

To fly from London to Geneva it cost from  7,650 in a Phenom 100 Very Light Jet up to  15,860 in Falcon 2000LX Large Jets.

FromToAircraftSeatsEstimated Price
Phenom 100Very Light Jet
Learjet 75Super Light Jet
Falcon 2000LXLarge Jets

How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Geneva to London?

To fly from Geneva to London it cost from  7,230 in a Citation Mustang Very Light Jet up to  17,550 in Challenger 850 Super Large Jet.

FromToAircraftSeatsEstimated Price
Citation MustangVery Light Jet
Phenom 300Super Light Jet
Challenger 850Super Large Jet

How long does a private jet between London and Geneva take?

A private jet flight between London and Geneva take between 01h 20m in a Falcon 2000LX Large Jets and 01h 40m Phenom 100 Very Light Jet.

AircraftSeatsAverage Flight Time
Phenom 100Very Light Jet
01h 40m
Learjet 75Super Light Jet
01h 25m
Falcon 2000LXLarge Jets
01h 20m

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