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Dinner service at a restaurant. Interior ambiance of the dining area.

Top 10 World-Renowned Chefs & Global Restaurants

Discover the elite Top 10 chefs worldwide and their acclaimed restaurants. Culinary excellence awaits.

Private Jet Charter Roland Garros French Open Championship

Book your private jet to Paris to the 2015 French Open Championship

Charter your private jet to or from the French Open Championsip in Roland Garros at a negotiated price. LunaJets' team will find you a tailored solution with up to 75% lower prices.

Private Jet Roland Garros 2016

Book your private jet to Roland Garros 2016!

Fly to Roland Garros with LunaJets and enjoy the best service, available 24/7, anywhere in the world!

hire A Jet For Spring Getaways 2013

Hire a jet for Spring Getaways 2013

This year, Cannes Film festival will start on Wednesday 15th May and end the day of the Monaco Formula1 Grand Prix. These are just two good reasons to enjoy a private jet flight to the south of France, and get some sun prior to the summer season.

private jet with its door open waiting for the passengers to board

How to Charter A Private Jet: Step by Step Guide

Don’t know how to charter a private jet in Europe? Find out how to book a private jet and all the answer you need. Call us ✆ +41 844 041 844

Alice by Eviation

Electric Planes: The Future of Sustainable Aviation?

Explore the cutting-edge world of electric planes, their advantages, top electric aircraft projects, challenges, and future prospects.

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The Top 10 Private Jet Airports in Germany

Travel easily via one of Germany's many private jet airports and enjoy exclusive VIP service. Discover our top 10 German airports for private jets.

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Elite 2024 Balls & Galas: Top 10 Global High Society Events

Discover 2024's top elite balls and galas worldwide. From Winter's Vienna Opera Ball to Autumn's Paris Opera Ballet and more – experience luxury across all seasons.

Summer evening at Casino Monte-Carlo, Hotel de Paris illuminated, high-end automobiles, gamblers and sightseers, fountain, Café de Paris.

Luxurious Delights in Monaco: Top Restaurants, Hotels, and Beach Clubs

Explore Monaco's finest with our guide to its most luxurious restaurants, hotels, and beach clubs, including Cipriani, Gaia, Coya, Beef Bar, and Hôtel de Paris.

Cesnna Citation X+ in flight

Unlock the Sky: 5 Astonishing Facts About Luxury Private Jets

Discover surprising facts about luxury private jets, from speed and medical roles to pet amenities and eco-friendly practices. Unlock the sky today!

Elegant businessman in a luxurious private jet making important phone calls.

Status and Evolution of Global Billionaires in 2023

Explore the 2023 World Ultra Wealth Report insights on global ultra-high-net-worth individuals, wealth distribution trends, and archetypes defining today's billionaires.

View of the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel alongside a Christmas tree, captured from Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, UAE.

Chasing the Sun: The Ultimate Guide to Elite Winter 2023 Destinations by Private Jet Charter

Discover the world's most luxurious sun-drenched winter destinations for the 2023 season, best reached by private jet charter. Embark on an unparalleled journey to elite retreats that epitomise opulence, sophistication, and exclusivity.