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Discover the incredible sponsorship between a private jet company and a pilot for the Ferrari Challenge Europe Coppa Shell AM Championship 2022.

Hire a private jet to the most prestigious events in Cannes, France.

Fly in a private jet to the most luxurious events in Cannes. With LunaJets, Pay less, Fly more.

Buy a private jet

Want to Buy a Private Jet? The most important decision factors

The purchase of an aircraft should be carefully considered. Private jet rental is a flexible alternative. Personal service 24/7. Advice and offer at ✆ +41 22 782 12 12

Best Mediterranean Destinations to Hire a Jet

With LunaJets you can reach attractive Mediterranean destinations on private flights of your choice. Personal service 24/7. Advice & offer at ✆ +41227821212

Panoramic view at night on private business planes, on a parking space

The Top 10 Private Jet Airports in Germany

Travel easily via one of Germany's many private jet airports and enjoy exclusive VIP service. Discover our top 10 German airports for private jets.

Illustrated Brexit picture showing an aircraft with an Union Jack livery leaving the EU

How Brexit will impact private aviation in 2021 in the UK

Listing the potential impacts of the recent UK Brexit on the business aviation sector including more paperwork and new restrictions to charter a private jet

Syringe with two bottles of vaccine

Vaccine Transportation by Aircraft

When people need to roll out a vaccine quickly and efficiently, aircraft need to be utilized. Learn more about vaccine transportation here.

Flying with your cat or dog (and other pets) on a private jet

Reach your destination safely while flying with your pets in comfortable private jets. Call us 24/7 ✆ +41 22 782 12 12

Passenger in an airport lounge wearing an anti-COVID19 face mask

Book a private jet after covid-19 for safer travelling

How to travel safely in a post-covid-19 era. Book a private jet, a solution? Lunajets present you all the advantages of private aviation. Call ✆ +41 844 041 844

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How to Charter A Private Jet: Step by Step Guide

Don’t know how to charter a private jet in Europe? Find out how to book a private jet and all the answer you need. Call us ✆ +41 844 041 844

Private Jet airports re-opening

Private aviation airports re-opening after 3 months of Europe lockdown. Call us ✆ +41 844 041 844 (24/7 aircraft assistance) ✈

How to fly on a private jet and how much does it cost to rent a private jet?

How does private jet pricing work? LunaJets gives you advice 24/7. Pay less and fly more. Call us ✆ +41 844 041 844

Passegere dans un salon d'aeroport portant un masque anti covid 19

Private jet repatriation services COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

✈ Clients and organization want fast and secure repatriation solutions amid coronavirus pandemic. Call us ✆ +41 844 041 844 (24/7 aircraft assistance) ✈

Private Jet Charter Reinforced Operations during the Coronavirus

Operations for repatriation fly private jet amid the rapid spread of the highly contagious coronavirus. Call us ✆ +41 844 041 844 (24/7 aircraft assistance) ✈