Embraer Legacy 650 / 650E Charter: Rent the long Large Jet

 The Embraer Legacy 650 is based on the Legacy 600 and combines its fuselage with modified engines. From the outside, there is little difference between the large jets, but there is a difference in performance: the two Rolls-Royce AE 3007 A2 engines give the 650 an improved range of 7223 km and an increased maximum takeoff weight of 24,300 kg. Both the wings and the landing gear were prepared for the increased physical load by structural reinforcements.  

Embraer Legacy 650E on wet airfield
Strong performance on the ground as well: The Legacy 650E at the airport

The cockpit has also been modernized compared to previous models: The Primus Elite avionics package from Honeywell, which is appreciated by pilots for its user-friendliness, is utilized. The maximum of 14 passengers, who can be seated comfortably, are distributed in three cabin areas. Thanks to additional isolation, a separately controllable air-conditioning system and state-of-the-art communications equipment are distributed in the cabin areas which means individual areas can be used flexibly and for a wide variety of purposes.

The business jet made its maiden flight on September 23, 2009, from Embraer Unidade Gavião Peixoto Airport in Brazil. The official unveiling took place a few weeks later at the NBAA-BACE business aviation show in Orlando. The first production model was handed over to wealthy British entrepreneur Alan Michael Sugar on November 19, 2010.

An updated version, the 650E, was announced at NBAA in 2016 and became available for purchase in 2017. The new jet features improvements in the cockpit such as an autothrottle system and a display for a more intuitive understanding of the flight environment. In the cabin, the three zone areas have been redesigned. Both the 650E and 650 were popular with airlines that valued the heritage of the aircraft design, which originally dates back to the ERJ 135 regional jet. Assembly of the spacious private jet business jet also took place in China through a joint venture with the large local aircraft company AVIC until 2016. After that, production again took place entirely and exclusively in the aircraft manufacturer's home country of Brazil.

In the second half of 2020, Embraer announced the production stop of the 650E in order to focus on its best-sellers in a difficult market environment. However, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer will continue to provide service and support for the discontinued aircraft models.

The large Embraer Legacy faces stiff competition and must compete in the market against the Gulfstream G280, Bombardier Challenger 850 and Dassault's Falcon 2000XLS, among others.

Advantages of a Legacy 650 / 650E as a rental aircraft:

Legacy 650E in flight under starry blue sky
World class Made in Brazil: The Legacy 650E in flight
  • Spacious cabin: Up to 14 people travel in the 650 or 650E on comfortable seats and divided into 3 dividable cabin zones. In configurations with fewer seats, a large table or a comfortable seat coach is optionally available. Larger passengers in particular benefit from five extra centimeters of headroom thanks to a straight aisle with a lowered floor.

  • Extra-large luggage compartment: Business travelers with a lot of luggage can sit back and relax in the Legacy: With its more than eight cubic meters of luggage capacity, it offers more than any other jet in the large jet category. An added bonus is that the baggage compartment can be accessed from the aircraft cabin. This makes it easier to decide what goes in the carry-on and what goes in the overhead compartment, as additional documents, toys or other objects can still be accessed during the flight.

  • Luxury features: The redesigned seats are fully flat-adjustable and covered in premium leather. In the ultra-quiet cabin, passengers will find a living room-quality entertainment system with full HD screen, surround sound, Apple TV, cabin Wi-Fi, Blu-ray player and satellite radio (XM). A partition door between the cabin and board galley allows for more privacy and supports passenger comfort.

  • Powerfully modern: Two Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2 engines provide the aircraft with over 9000 pounds of thrust each, enabling flight at a staggering 0.80 Mach. The pilot-friendly Honeywell Primus Elite avionics suite is clearly organized via five LCD displays. It includes an intuitive vision system, XM weather functions and an autothrottle system. In addition, the 650E brakes via an advanced brake-by-wire system that replaces hydraulic braking systems. Power and technology are found in harmony in the Legacy.

  • Upscale cuisine: The galley is equipped with an oven and microwave, allowing passengers to enjoy first-class VIP catering. For traveling families or those with special dietary requirements, such as top athletes, the kitchen equipment also offers many options to meet individual needs or preferences. The haute cuisine of the skies can become a reality in the Legacy.

Disadvantages of a Legacy 650 / 650E as a rental aircraft

Bathroom Legacy 650E
Spacious luxury: a look into the bathroom of the Legacy 650E
  • Discontinued model: Currently, no more machines of this type are coming off the production line. Innovations and new features will therefore bypass this model in the future. It is not unusual for manufacturers to offer upgrades for discontinued models. But let's be honest: the engineers' focus is on optimizing the current fleet and on planned the current fleet and on planned launches. Those who value modern design and up-to-date technical equipment may prefer to take off in newer alternative jets, especially from 2025 onward.

  • Too big for too few travelers: The big, long Legacy is based on Embraer's experience in building regional aircraft. Getting a larger number of passengers from A to B safely and comfortably is in the DNA of the resourceful aircraft builder. If only a few passengers or a small group of travelers are looking for an efficient and comfortable solution, there are better alternatives - first and foremost the Embraer Praetor 500.

Overall, the Legacy 650 or the 650 are good travel options when space requirements, comfort and range are important decision factors. Inside the slim and long fuselage, which from the outside still looks a bit like the regional jet on which it is based, travelers can expect space and comfort in abundance. Technically, the popular jet is at the cutting edge of technology and, thanks to the latest avionics combined with excellent insulation, allows for a smooth and quiet flight. Thanks to the Brazilian aircraft engineers' attention to detail, even many large passengers can move around without restrictions: Lowering the cabin floor in the aisle allows a few extra centimeters in height and supports freedom of movement on long trips.

Especially with short-term private jet charter, not every desired aircraft is always available at the departure airport. That's why it's worth looking at alternatives. If the Legacy is clearly oversized in terms of passenger and baggage capacity, the Gulfstream G280 could be shortlisted. Those who don't want to compromise on cabin volume but only carry light baggage might also consider the Bombardier Challenger 850. Dassault's smaller and lighter Falcon 2000LXS could be a good option if the Legacy's maximum range does not need to be fully exploited. Last but not least, there is competition from within the company: the Praetor 500 flies faster and farther, but with more limited cabin space.

Aircraft data / Technical data

Aircraft categoryLarge Jet
ModelLegacy 650 / 650E
Number of units produced96 Legacy (Legacy 650)13 Legacy (Legacy 650E)
Production period2009 - 2020
Engine2 x Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2
Price650: Starting from 29.500.000 USD650E: Starting from 26.500.000 USD
Crew1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot
Toilet1 (back)


Take-off route1.750 m
Landing distance715 m
Maximum speed852 km/h (Mach 0,80)
Range7.223 km
Maximum flight altitude12.497 m


Passenger capacity14
Maximum payload with full tank866 kg
Capacity of the most common rental variant12


Cabin volume46,89 m³
Cabin (length x width x height)15,19 m x 2,11 m x 1,83 m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does an Embraer Legacy 650/650E cost?

The price of a Legacy jet depends mainly on the production year, as new models are no longer available. A used Embraer Legacy 650 currently costs between $15 million and $19 million for the 2015 to 2019 models, compared to a new price of $29.5 million for the 650 and about $3 million less for its successor, the 650E. According to the Brazilian manufacturer, an increase in production efficiency allowed for the lower price.

How many passengers can fly in a Legacy 650/650E?

The Legacy 650/650E has a large, wide and well-appointed 3-zone cabin. It offers exceptional comfort for up to 14 passengers and features large leather seats and state-of-the-art entertainment options. The aircraft also features a spacious bathroom and a well-equipped galley. Common charter variants usually have 12 seats to take advantage of optional comfort features such as the comfortable sofas.

How does the Legacy 650 differ from the Gulfstream G280?

There is a clear difference between the two models in terms of capacity: the Embraer can seat up to 14 passengers, while the Gulfstream only has room for eight. The Legacy also has the edge in terms of maximum payload: It can take off with around 25 percent more payload. However, when it comes to flying to airports with a short runway, the Gulfstream really comes into its own: It can manage with a taxiway that is about 195 meters shorter for takeoff and landing. The G280 also performs better in terms of speed and operating costs per flight hour. In terms of range, however, the Legacy scores again.

How many Legacy 650 jets have been sold so far?

There are currently 96 Legacy 650 and 13 Legacy 650E aircraft in service worldwide. Compared to the competing jets from the houses Bombardier, Gulfstream and Dassault, the sales success of the Legacy was limited. Most jets are based in Europe, followed by Asia and America.

How many Legacy 650 jets have been sold so far?

The 650 is one of the largest business jets certified to land at demanding airports like Cannes and London City. Even high altitude destinations like Aspen or Telluride or warm climate airports like La Paz are no problem for this aircraft.

Embraer Legacy 650

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Embraer Legacy 650 private jet

Length: 12.94 meters

Height: 1.82 meters

Width: 2.1 meters



Range Map

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