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Hire an Embraer Legacy 650 / 650E Large Jet

Successor of the popular Legacy 600, Embraer’s Legacy 650 entered into service in 2011. It features upgraded avionics and new powerful Rolls-Royce engines which make it more fuel efficient, less expensive to operate, and extend its range. In 2016 an enhanced version was announced: the 650E. The latter boasts the largest cabin of its category, holding up to 14 passengers and three crew members. Three remarkably quiet cabin areas offer plenty of space to work, dine or relax. Equipped with fully berthing premium leather seats, high-speed internet access, global phone service, a large and elegant lavatory, and an ample, customisable galley with crystal sliding doors, this Large Jet is perfect for long-haul flights. The cabin also has the largest in-flight accessible baggage compartment in its class, an intuitive cabin management system and excellent in-flight entertainment options. With a transcontinental range covering over 7,200 kilometres with four passengers and two crew, this gem of the executive aviation is ideal for flights such as London or Paris to New York. Its maximum speed can reach 850 kilometres per hour; however, both range and cruise speed capabilities depend on the flight conditions of the selected travel date and differ according to factors such as headwinds, temperatures, altitude, number of passengers or total payload.

height: 5.97 ft | 1.82 mspeed: 459 kts | 850 kmhrange: 3770 nm | 6982 km

Cabin Specifications

length 12.94 meters
Standard cabin layout
height: 1.82 meters
width 2.1 meters

Range Map

Empty Legs

24 Jan 2022