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Launched in 2004, the Gulfstream G500 and the G550 are the two successors to the GV, the first ever Long Range Business Jet. Although the G500 does not offer the same range as its sister aircraft, and is therefore categorised as a Super Large Jet, it features the same extremely spacious cabin. It is also still capable of travelling impressive distances, easily connecting Moscow with New York or London with Dubai, and does so at high speed. This is largely due to the G500's optimized wing design and turbo fan which enable it to fly faster and higher than any commercial aircraft, keeping it clear of commercial air traffic and above adverse weather conditions. The large, 3-zone cabin sits up to 14 passengers in a day configuration or up to 7 passengers in a night configuration. It is equipped with an aft lavatory, pressurized baggage compartment, which is accessible during the flight, and a fully-equipped front galley. The cabin is also fitted with the latest entertainment technology, including WIFI connection to ensure an enjoyable journey.

  • Manufacturer: Gulfstream

    Speed: 505 kts | 937 km/h

    Range: 7800 nm | 14445 km

  • Gulfstream
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Gulfstream G500

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Gulfstream G500 private jet

Length: 15.27 meters

Height: 1.88 meters

Width: 2.24 meters



Range Map