News Room

Over the past eleven years, the LunaJets story has resonated well with the media. Journalists have consistently found us and written about us unprompted. At regular intervals we have also issued press releases and updated our Media Kit (see below). We also write for our client base, by frequently issuing our own news stories, known as “Our Tips”.

Media Coverage

Since its launch in 2007, LunaJets’ disruptive business model has attracted journalists from near and far who have relayed the success story of a Swiss private jet company that has now become the European leader. A selection of news stories on LunaJets that have appeared in magazines, newspapers and on TV is presented here.


“Hi Sofia and Emyeric, Hope you are both well. Just wanted to say thank you both so much for all the help with our trip to Corsica. Everything was perf... [+]

London (BQH) - Figari (FSC)7 August 2020

“Flight was great, thank you!”

London (BQH) - Lyon (LYS)17 July 2020

“Boris and the whole process was excellent from start to finish for the second time! Very happy with the entire service🙏”

Nice (NCE) - London (FAB)25 July 2020