News Room

Over the past eleven years, the LunaJets story has resonated well with the media. Journalists have consistently found us and written about us unprompted. At regular intervals we have also issued press releases and updated our Media Kit (see below). We also write for our client base, by frequently issuing our own news stories, known as “Our Tips”.

Latest press releases

26 Jun 2023LunaJets Strengthens its Presence in France
23 May 2023LunaJets Sees a Hard Landing After the Golden Age
23 May 2023LunaJets prévoit la fin de l’euphorie dans l’aviation d’affaires
19 Feb 2023LunaJets - LunaGroup Charter Report Record-Breaking Numbers For 2022
24 May 2022LunaJets Nearly Doubles Revenue But Sees Clouds Ahead
18 Jan 2022LunaJets Partners With Schmidt Group To Open An Office In Verbier