Private jet charter New York to Paris and Paris to New York

LunaJets flies private jet travellers from New York to Paris and from Paris to New York regularly: it’s a popular transatlantic route.

Private jet charter flights between Paris and New York City can be tailored to your needs. We can source a private aircraft anytime, organize VIP airport transfers and satisfy last-minute requests.

Our expert team is available 24/7 to respond to your questions, cater to your special requests and find a personalised solution for your professional or private trips between Paris and New York.

This non-stop long-haul flight takes about 7 hours, its duration may vary according to the aircraft type.

We offer unbeatable empty leg deals for this popular route, get in touch to find out more.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet between new york and paris?

The estimated price to hire a private jet from Paris to New York will start from € 72,510 in a Challenger 350 to € 106,550 in a Global 6000. Find more information about private jet cost to New York.

There is a selection of different jets at your disposal for you to choose. Here are some examples of price estimates for this route, on some of the most used private planes for charter between Paris and New York.

Option 1: Bombardier Challenger 350 Super Midsize Jet

The 350 is equipped with an updated avionics and weather detection systems which reduce pilot workload, increasing reliability, and greatly improve the jet's capacity to avoid turbulence, increasing passenger comfort.

Seats: 9

Estimate flight time: 7h35

Estimate charter price: € 72,510

Option 2: Bombardier Challenger 605 Large Jet

It offers extra-wide cabin, seating in optimum comfort, and its modern noise reduction and stabilisation technology ensure a smooth and quiet journey.

Seats: 10

Estimate flight time: 8h10

Estimate charter price: € 87,450

Option 3: Bombardier Global 6000 Long Range Jet

The luxurious Global 6000 and its noise-reduction technology will provide you with a relaxing flight.

Seats: 14

Estimate flight time: 7h15

Estimate charter price: € 106,550

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How much does it cost to charter a private jet from Paris to New York?

To fly from Paris to New York it cost from  72,510 in a Challenger 350 Super Midsize Jet up to  106,550 in Global 6000 Long Range Jet.

FromToAircraftSeatsEstimated Price
New York
Challenger 350Super Midsize Jet
New York
Challenger 605Large Jets
New York
Global 6000Long Range Jet

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