The complete guide for flying with pets on a private jet

Flying with pets on private jets is currently growing in popularity as it is one of the most secure, safe and quick ways to take your furry family to any destination without troubles. Nowadays, most private jet companies allow pets on board while ensuring that the required procedures are followed. For instance, LunaJets has experience in flying different breeds of dogs and cats along with other pets such as birds (parrots, chicken, cockatiels etc..), hamsters and snakes.

Flying with pets on a private jet for holidays abroad - the best option!

All pet owners dream about flying with their furry friend during vacations since they are part of the family. The good thing about opting for a private jet for flying with pets is reaching your destination faster without making them go through the trauma of commercial flights. You wouldn’t want your bulldog to come in the cargo while you’re enjoying your journey. It is indeed a dilemma for many families when it comes to leaving their pets behind while going on holidays. Chartering a private jet for flying with pets not only eliminates that stress but it also has various advantages. For instance: LunaJets charter flights allow you to fly private with your labrador, without any hassles, at the best prices.

How commercial flights and pet daycare can affect the well-being of your pets?

Transporting pets on commercial aircraft frequently requires them to be stored in a cage with the cargo. Being treated like luggage is a traumatic experience for any animal to go through, as the cramped conditions and often extreme temperature changes are not only cruel, but can also be dangerous. Tragically, every year there are numerous cases of pets being lost, injured and even killed during commercial flights. Don’t take the risk and ensure your pet, be it a chihuahua, shepperd, cat or bird, has a comfortable, relaxing and, most importantly, safe environment by chartering an aircraft with LunaJets. Putting your pet into a daycare, known as boarding, may seem a good alternative to bringing him or her with you, but in actual fact, being alone in an unfamiliar place is distressing for any animal. The huge fees charged for boarding your pet does not guarantee that it is receiving the care it deserves. This will allow you to enjoy your holidays without worrying about your pet's safety and well-being since they are with you on your private jet.

The benefits of flying with pets on a private jet

Flying with pets on a private jet has major benefits which guarantee safety and peace of mind for both pets and their owners. Some main advantages are as follows:

Cat seated comfortably in a private jet during flight
Flying with pets on a private jet will ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable during the flight.

No traumatic experience for pets

The best part about flying private is that your pets are with you all the time. This prevents them from being stressed or locked up with the luggage which represents a danger for them. Hence, they do not suffer alone in a weird place while you are away. If you want your pet to be comfortable, happy and safe, the best way to travel is by private jet.

Personalised flight experience

Some owners and operators object to having animals on board their aircraft, but LunaJets’ team has experience flying many pets on both long and short-haul flights all over the world so is at hand to find an aircraft that perfectly suits your needs. The aviation advisory team is available 24/7 to source a private flight for you and your pet, at the best price on the global market. The team is here to arrange a personalized trip for flying with your pet.

Peace of mind while travelling

How would you feel knowing that your dog/cat is traveling in the cargo while you are comfortably seated on the plane? Going for a chartered aircraft along with your four-legged friend is the best option if you want to have peace of mind during your journey. Having them in front of your eyes and comforting them to reduce the stress is the best feeling. This will eliminate any health risks for your pet and allow you to be stress-free while onboard.

No restrictions

Private jets such as LunaJets caters for the well-being of both you and your pet. Your pet is given the best treatment above the aircraft, making sure that all procedures have been followed for safe travel. LunaJets takes care of all the administrative procedures so that you can take your pet along without any problems.

Meeting your criteria on time

Due to the current travel restrictions around the world, following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is complicated to reach your destination on time with the limited number of commercial flights. Chartering a private jet will allow you to remain on your planned schedule while travelling along with your pet. Both of you can travel safely and happily together, without any hurdles and stressing about connecting commercial flights or leaving your pet in the cargo.

Enjoy comfort and luxury

Comfort is one of the main benefits of flying with pets on a private jet. There is no better thing than travelling with your pet in the same aircraft cabin than leaving it on its own in the hold. This allows you to take care of your pet and make him feel at ease in the aircraft which represents an unknown environment for him. Having you by its sides definitely allows your furry family to feel more relaxed and comfortable until the end of the flight.

Tips for flying with pets on a private jet

Before flying with your pet on a private jet to your holiday destination, these tips will be helpful to ensure a safe journey:

Before takeoff

Kobe in Lunajets' Monaco office

Know the legal requirements

It is important to know about the legal requirements of a country before travelling with your pet. For example: Air transportation of pets is regulated by the United States department of agriculture in the USA and the following are required: The pet needs to be eight weeks old or above, fully weaned and in good health. Besides, dogs are required to have a rabies immunisation as well as a valid health certificate from a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of travel. It is a good idea to contact the foreign country where you are travelling to have more information.

Ensure that your pet is healthy

It is essential to take an appointment with the veterinarian within 10 days from departure for a general check up and to ensure that your pet is in perfect health. Hence, you will obtain a valid health certificate, ensuring that all vaccinations are up-to-date. It is also a good occasion to ask for some advice from the veterinarian about the use of any medication or the amount of food to give your pet while travelling. International travel, like humans, requires pets to have the right documentations and vaccinations. You can contact your LunaJets private aviation advisor who will inform you as to the latest requirements per country regarding your pets passports and vaccination certificates which must be updated and recent. The main vaccinations required are rabies and some countries also require a tapeworm check 48 hours before the flight.

Be careful with medications

According to the American veterinary medical association, it is not advisable to provide your pet with medications before flying as this can lead to an increased risk of heart and respiratory problems. For instance, while sedating an animal, it can affect it’s natural ability to react to the environment. Normally, it is not required to medicate a pet before flight but this can be reconsidered for some cases. This is why it is important to visit a veterinarian before flying with pets.

Limit food or water intake

Water is essential for any pet before departure but of course, not in excess. Provide a reasonable amount of water in order to limit the animal’s use of the bathroom during the flight. Limiting food intake is also essential to prevent upset stomach or vomiting while on board. Some veterinarians advise no food as a good practice except for some cases, for instance, a diabetic dog will require a small meal.

Get some exercise taking your dog/cat for a little walk before departure can allow the animal to calm his nerves and also go to the bathroom before undertaking the journey.

While onboard

Your companion by your side, at all the time.

Ensure safety and comfort of your pet

Similar to humans who are buckled up for take off, landing and when there are turbulences, your pet also needs to be safe during the entire flight. It can affect the safety of the passengers and even the animal itself if it’s loose during such times, not forgetting that damages can be caused inside the aircraft. A good practice is to dress the pets with harnesses that are linked to the aircraft seat belt or carry the pets in crates which are secured to the airframe inside the cabin. It is a personal decision whether to leave the animal in a crate during the whole flight but it’s always a good idea to have a crate around in case you need it any time. For dogs mostly, especially the bigger ones, but also first time flyers, it is a good idea to bring a muzzle, in case the dog panics and gets aggressive. It is important to keep in mind that the crew is not harmed and incommoded in their main job which is to land the jet safely. Oxygen masks and flotation devices, specifically designed for pets are also available. Learning CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and first aid for pets can also be helpful in case any problem arises. For furry pets, that is dogs and cats, it is normally requested that passengers bring a clean blanket for the pet to lie on in order to avoid leaving hair on the carpet. For hygienic reasons, it is better to bring a clean blanket instead of the old one, full of hair which your dog or cat uses at home.

Bring stress-eliminators

To make the journey more pleasant for your pet, bring along toys or blankets they are used to in their daily lives. Besides, numerous products are available on the market to help calm down pets during stressful situations such as flights. These toys are very helpful if the pet is experiencing anxiety as they will be used as means to divert their attention.

Provide water and have a solution for in-flight relief

It is essential for the pet to get enough water while onboard. If the pet has received a limited amount of food or water before take off, it might not go to the bathroom for the entire trip if it is a short flight. Yet, it is a good thing to plan a solution in case the need for bathroom arises. Based on the pet, owners usually bring along a litter box or other products such as training pads to provide clean in-flight relief.

Upon landing

Provide food and water

It is common that pets are thirsty and hungry after a flight. Hence, make sure that they get an appropriate amount of food and plenty of water upon landing, especially if the flight duration was long.

Get more exercise

Taking your pet for a little stroll soon after the flight will help the latter get back to normal and acquainted with the environment. Various animals react differently to flying; hence it is important to provide care for your pets to reassure them after the flight. For instance, you can let them sleep in your lap and spend time with them upon arrival.


There is no doubt that flying with pets on private jets is one of the best solutions if you wish to take your furry family to your next holiday abroad. Flexibility, safety, comfort and peace of mind are all the perks of travelling privately for both pets and their owners. LunaJets ensure that everything is well taken care of, from departure to landing at your destination. If you follow the tips above and opt for an experienced private jet service provider such as LunaJets, everything will go smoothly during the flight. Your companion animal needs the best and deserves to be treated with respect and care, especially during stressful situations such as long hours flights.

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