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We combine proprietary technologies and the highest standards of personal service. We are a dynamic and young team that is disrupting the private aviation industry with an innovative booking process. Join us as we continue to grow, 30-40% every year and expand our value proposition into different markets.

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Service is the key driver of the LunaJets DNA. Our team is multilingual, multicultural and from the service industry. The client's entire satisfaction in this demanding VIP industry is our team's everyday objective.

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  • Rigorous training (hard and soft skills)
  • Dynamic team mentorship
  • Individual incentives and team rewards
  • Regular performance evaluations
  • Competitive salary
  • Unlimited vacation days

Current Openings

Please note, that we do not work with recruitment agencies to fill these vacancies.

Note for pilots and flight attendants: LunaJets does not operate any aircraft, therefore we do not hire crew.

If you want to become a LunaJets Business Finder, contact us. We are always interested in collaborating with Business Finders covering different geographical territories. With over ten years of experience, we can offer interested candidates:

  • Personal training
  • Marketing support (materials)
  • Win-win partnerships that benefit all parties
  • A profitable, long-term collaboration
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Senior Group Charter Advisor - LondonLondon GBFull-TimeASAP
Senior Group Charter Advisor - DubaiDubai AEFull-timeASAP
Senior Private Aviation AdvisorGeneva CHFull-TimeASAP
Private Aviation Advisor DubaiDubai AEFull-TimeASAP
Private Aviation Advisor ZurichZurich CHFull-timeASAP
Group Charter Advisor - GenevaGeneva CHFull-TimeASAP
Group Charter Advisor - ZurichZurich CHFull-TimeASAP
Group Charter Advisor - MadridMadrid ESFull-TimeASAP
Salesforce DeveloperGeneva CHFull-timeASAP
Salesforce DeveloperRiga LVFull-timeASAP
Salesforce DeveloperMadrid ESFull-timeASAP
Graphic Designer – DubaiDubai AEFull-timeASAP
Graphic Designer – RigaRiga LVFull-timeASAP