Corporate Social Responsibility

LunaJets announces new corporate social responsibility program in partnership with World Bicycle Relief

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, LunaJets announces its support to the World Bicycle Relief association, and contributes to empowering people through bicycles.  This is an exclusive and original program in the private aviation industry.

In developing countries, long distances often prevent poor communities from education, healthcare, and economic opportunity, since walking is often the only mean of transport.  For example, the average daily walking distance for Kenyan students is around 6 km, but it can reach up to 20km for the most isolated ones.

kids with bikes happy to hace access to distance services
Access to education is essential and should not be limited by walking distance.

By providing bicycles, World Bicycle Relief allows for these communities to break the distance barriers.  More children can have access to school, farmers and entrepreneurs can carry more goods and access further away markets, and the injured or ill can access better healthcare.

At LunaJets, we believe that whilst private aviation is a privileged mean of transport, bikes should not be one, and access to healthcare or education even less.

As the leading private jet booking platform, LunaJets is well placed to understand the advantages a private jet’s fast mobility and range can grant, and we now offer the similar advantages of a bike, to open up new opportunities to such communities.  Mobility is the engine for social and economic development.  It can change the world.

entrepreneur reeacing new heights thaks to wbr bycicle
Reaching new heights.

LunaJets donates, on behalf of all its clients, a percentage of its profit to World Bicycle Relief.  We thank again our clients for their trust and loyalty.

More about World Bicycle Relief :