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Global 8000 interior

8 Super-Fast Facts on the new Bombardier Global 8000 Private Jet

Unveiled at EBACE 2022 in Geneva this year, the Bombardier Global 8000 private jet will be the fastest business jet in the skies when it launches in 2025, designed for passenger comfort.

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The Skies in August, Settling into September, by the numbers

After a hot summer for private jet travel, the warm skies of August settle into a cozy September, creating new opportunities to travel comfortably to prime locations.

luxury yacht with an helicopter landing on it

Land, Sea, and Sky: the benefits of combining a private jet and a yacht

The sky and the sea both present unique challenges and opportunities. Those who design private jets and superyachts have learned to master these unique environments while offering travellers all the comforts of land.


What is an FBO?

Aviation is full of acronyms, but if you fly by private jet, FBO is one you want to know.

A businessman working on a private jet

Which Type of Connectivity Can You Expect on Private Jets?

Flying doesn’t mean going offline, unless you want it that way.

Women carrying luggage in a private jet

How Much Luggage Can You Take On A Private Jet?

Even if you have far fewer limitations on a private jet, there are details to consider when selecting the right jet for your journey

Lamborghini car with Italian flag for Bologna Motor Valley

Our Ultimate Jet Guide to Bologna’s Motor Valley

A unique event for all car enthusiasts

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The State of Europe’s Business Aviation In July, by the numbers

Overall, 2022 is a busy year, with 474,030 private flights year-to-date, 43% higher than the 404,554 YTD in July 2019.

Private jet Lavoratory

Everything you need to know about private jet bathrooms

Private jet lavatories come in a variety of ways, we've got it all covered for you

Private jet interior

How clean is the cabin air on a private jet?

Everything you need to know about private jet air quality.

FIFA Flags for the 2022 world cup in Dubai

FIFA World Cup 2022 with LunaJets

Experience the most anticipated sport event in the world: the FIFA World Cup, held in Doha (Qatar) in November.

private jet charter flight in the sky

Europe’s hot summer for private jet flights, by the numbers

It was a warm start to summer in European private jet travel with a forecast for more heat until September. We have some cool facts to share and tips to make your journey a breeze.