Three Ideal Private Jets for Groups on Trans-Continental Flights

Try one of these luxurious flying apartments when travelling long-haul with a larger group.

Whether you want to hold a business meeting en route to Hong Kong or take your friends and family on holiday in Madagascar, an airliner jet might be the right fit. These specially designed versions of the same aircraft airlines rely on offer groups the flexibility and comfort of private air travel when crossing continents.

1 - Embraer Lineage 1000 VIP Airliner

The Embraer Lineage 1000 is spacious, offering a five-zone cabin divided into five separate living zones where up to 19 passengers can work, rest and play. Its long range makes this aircraft a good choice for groups on trans-continental journeys. Fly smoothly from Rome to Rio de Janeiro, London to Seoul, or Paris to Cape Town.

Cabin Dimensions: 25.9 m long | 1.98 m tall | 2.68 m wide

Luggage Capacity: 14 suitcases + 10 carry-on items

Speed: 546 kts | 1013 km/h

Range: 5200 nm | 9630 km

2 - Boeing Business Jet 3

Boeing business jet cabin

Built around the Boeing 737-900ER airframe, the Boeing Business Jet 3 offers a flexible cabin configuration suited to parties from 8 to 50 passengers travelling for business, pleasure or both. You can comfortably cross continents on this aircraft while feeling as relaxed as you are on the ground. It is an excellent choice for non-stop flights from Geneva to Los Angeles or Berlin to Bangkok.

Cabin Dimensions: 29.97 m long | 2.15 m tall | 3.53 m wide

Speed: 477 kts | 885 km/h

Range: 5380 nm | 9963 km

3 - Airbus ACJ320 VIP Airliner

With enough seats for parties of up to 22 passengers, the large cabin of the Airbus ACJ320 VIP Airliner does double-duty as a flying boardroom and a home from home in the clouds. Its extra-long range allows non-stop flights to various destinations across continents, including Madrid to Buenos Aires, Oslo to Kuala Lumpur, and Athens to Taipei. You can fly as far as New Zealand with a single stop en route.

Cabin Dimensions: 27.74 m long | 2.25 m tall | 3.7 m wide

Luggage Capacity: 45 suitcases + 15 carry-on items

Speed: 484 kts | 898 km/h

Range: 6000 nm | 11112 km

Travelling on a private airliner jet with your group improves the quality of the hours you spend together socialising or strategising—whichever you choose—and ensures you arrive ready to take on the world.

Onboard amenities include beds and berths, fully equipped galleys for quality meal service preparation, advanced in-flight entertainment and music systems, and private lavatories, some with showers onboard. All cabin sections are elegantly appointed with comfortable furnishings suited to their purpose, from plush chaises and large screens in entertainment and lounge areas to dedicated meeting and dining rooms and plush beds in bedrooms.

These aircraft often offer a quieter and smoother flight experience than smaller jets.

Contact a LunaJets advisor to discuss your group travel plans and find the most suitable airliner for your party.