Hire a Airbus ACJ320 VIP Airliner

Originally called the A320 Prestige, which went into service in 2000, Airbus renamed this member of the Airbus corporate jet family of VIP airliners in 2011 as the ACJ320. It has an excellent operating range of just over 8000km, making it capable of crossing continents and oceans with ease and, like its sister aircraft, it can fly above weather at the 41,000ft cruise ceiling. In spite of its high performance, it is the interior of the ACJ320 which really separates it from its rivals. It allows for almost 100 square metres of cabin floor area, allowing for an infinite number of interior configurations. As an example, the interior might offer 5 separate living areas, including a master bedroom, lounge areas, another bedroom and a dining/conference room. Due to advanced noise reduction technology, the ACJ320 features an outstandingly quiet cabin, perfect for a ensuring a relaxing flight and that you arrive at your destination feeling rested. Overall, this aircraft successfully combines performance and luxury to provide an exceptional service.

Airbus ACJ A320

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Airbus ACJ 320 VIP Airliner

Length: 27.74 meters

Height: 2.25 meters

Width: 3.7 meters



Range Map

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