Hire a Boeing BBJ VIP Airliner

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is the mainstay of the Boeing corporate offering, providing an extraordinarily luxurious service to its passengers. The interior is magnificently spacious, the cabin being shorter, wider and taller than the Lineage 1000, giving a greater overall floor area. Boeing offer a wide variety of interior layouts, depending on your preferences, but these generally consist of 5 separate sleeping and living areas, including an exquisite master bedroom suite,a conference/dining room, an office and opulent lounge areas, as well as luxury bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen, capable of producing the finest cuisine. The BBJ also provides excellent performance, with a recently-improved fuel economy and a greater range than both the Lineage and ACJ320, largely thanks to its intelligent design and hugely powerful engines. State-of-the art technology means that the BBJ can perform to this high standard, taking you on extensive trans-continental journeys, while maintaining a silent and steady cabin, allowing you to relax in serenity and comfort. Boeing are constantly updating their BBJs, adding fuel tanks to increase the range or upgrading technology to improve efficiency so that this aircraft will consistently offer an amazing combination of incredible performance and unbeatable comfort.

Boeing BBJ

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Boeing BBJ VIP Airliner

Length: 24.13 meters

Height: 2.08 meters

Width: 3.53 meters



Range Map

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