Charter a Boeing Business Jet BBJ 2 VIP Airliner

The Boeing Business Jet 2 is an improved version of the BBJ, inspired by Boeing’s 737-800. It features a spacious cabin with a floor area of over 93 m², or 25% larger than the previous model, able to comfortably host up to 78 passengers, boasting an executive lounge and a private suite. The interior configuration can be personalised to suit travellers’ needs in terms of number and size of bedrooms, private offices or conference rooms.

The cargo capacity is 100% higher and the range was increased by 10,000 kilometres compared to its predecessor. Indeed, being based on the airframe design of the 737-800 instead of the 737-700 like the BBJ, this VIP Airliner was granted a performance boost: greater speed and range, and lower noise and emission levels. Depending on the number of passengers and the baggage hold cargo volume, the range can vary from 10,620 kilometres with eight guests, to about 9,140 kilometres with 50 guests. Range and cruise speed are also affected by factors like weather and seating configuration.

This aircraft is the result of Boeing and General Electric joint venture’s intention to create a high-performing business jet capable of flying even faster and completing routes such as New York to London, Moscow or Dubai, or London to Rio de Janeiro, Singapore or Tokyo, non-stop.

Boeing BBJ2

Cabin Specifications




Length: 29.97 meters

Height: 2.16 meters

Width: 3.53 meters



Range Map

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