Charter a Boeing Business Jet BBJ 3 VIP Airliner

Based on two widely appreciated jets, the BBJ and the 737-900ER airliner, the Boeing Business Jet 3 boasts several improved features going from an ultra-long range allowing direct flights of up to 10,066 kilometres, 89% more luggage space than its predecessor, the BBJ2, and a comfortable floor area of 341 m², able to welcome 8 to 50 passengers in utmost luxury. In addition to the different seating configurations, its interior accommodation offers diverse options of business and relaxing sections, such as an executive office, a stateroom, separate conference rooms, a master bedroom suite and further sleeping areas, a large washroom with a shower, a lavish living and dining room, along with lounges and common areas equipped with entertainment systems.

First entered into service in 2009, the BBJ3 is the largest member of the Business Jets family and represents the perfect corporate jet for productive business trips thanks to its range, speed, and interior space, which is 35% larger than that of the BBJ2 and tailored to suit corporate travellers. Indeed, this VIP Airliner provides clients with everything they may need to work on board and land refreshed.

Ideal for a party of eight, it is also often hired for individuals, families or larger groups. Factors like the party size and weather conditions affect the aircraft’s speed and range.

Boeing BBJ3

Cabin Specifications




Length: 29.97 meters

Height: 2.16 meters

Width: 3.53 meters



Range Map

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