VIP AIrliner Embraer Lineage 1000 to charter for private aviation flights with LunaJets, luxury travel in spacious cabin, trans-continental
24 Aug 2019
VIP Airliner

Embraer Lineage 1000

Embraer describe the Lineage 1000 as a 'flying apartment' and, with nearly 70 square metres of cabin floor space, it is easy to understand why. The five-zone cabin is longer and narrower than the Airbus' and features 5 separate zones, designed for business, dining, leisure and sleeping, comfortably accommodating up to 19 passengers. Baggage is not a issue as the main compartment offers over 9 cubic metres of space and additional baggage can be stored in exterior lockers with over 3 cubic metres of extra space. The Lineage 1000 is not only extremely spacious but it is also very comfortable as it features top-of-the-range stabilisers and turbulence detection technology to guarantee a smooth flight. In addition to this, the twin turbo engines give this VIP Airliner a range of over 8000km, making it easily capable of trans-continental flight. All things considered, in the Lineage 1000, Embraer have succeeded in creating an aircraft which represents the height of luxury travel in its spacious cabin, while maintaining impressive operational capabilities.

height: 6.5 ft | 1.98 mspeed: 470 kts | 870 kphrange: 4500 nm | 8334 km

Cabin Specifications

length 25.9 meters
Standard cabin layout
height: 1.98 meters
width 2.68 meters

Range Map

Empty Legs

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origindestinationfrom dateuntil dateseatsprice
LASLas VegasUSVNYVan NuysUSFromSat 24 Aug 2019UntilSun 25 Aug 20197 4,750
FromSat 24 Aug 2019
UntilSun 25 Aug 2019
FABLondonGBTEBNew YorkUSFromTue 27 Aug 2019UntilSat 31 Aug 201916 43,430
FromTue 27 Aug 2019
UntilSat 31 Aug 2019