Luna Aviation Group

An independent global group of companies that provides leading aviation services: Strategic advisory services for aircraft sales & acquisition, Private jet charter, passenger group charter, freight and cargo transportation

lunajets company

A European leader in private jet charter. LunaJets organises private jet flights anywhere in the world using proprietary technology with dedicated Advisors, 24/7.

lunagroup chater company

The expertise to organise all type of group charter services to support industries across the globe, including governments, music tours, sports teams, fans, oil and gas.

lunalogistik company

Leading provider of air cargo charter services, LunaLogistik offers operational solutions to transport door-to-door all type of goods and on-board couriers, to any destination worldwide.

luna aircraft solutions company

A unique independent and neutral provider of strategic advice to clients and owners - transaction, financing, cost optimisation, sales and acquisitions of new or pre-owned aircraft.

The Luna Aviation Group

The Luna Aviation Group is fully independent, and controls 100% of its companies and offices in Geneva, London, Paris, Dubai, Zurich, Madrid, Riga and Monaco. The Group’s aim is to continue its expansion of specialised bespoke aviation services and geographies, to answer all of our clients needs, wherever they are.

A Swiss, Geneva-based company, with the mission to help clients navigate the private aviation industry. The Group started in 2007 with the launch of LunaJets, a private jet booking platform, which after continuous 30-35% annual growth, became the European charter leader, with 14,000 flights organised last year.

Following the recurring client demands for guidance in acquiring or selling a private jet, Luna Solutions was created in 2019. With proprietary data extracted from years of private jet chartering, and previous experience working directly with Aircraft Manufacturers, the team will find the best solution for ownership.

In 2020, LunaGroup Charter and LunaLogistik were launched as an answer to client demand in a rapidly changing aviation industry. Luna Group Charter will find and select the right capacity aircraft (from 20 seats and upwards) to fly groups of passengers to sports, cultural or family events, corporate meetings, or in need of urgent repatriation.

LunaLogistik specialises in the transportation of cargo or any unaccompanied goods, of all sizes and value, to any destination, even the most remote and inaccessible. Special requirements (time-sensitivity, temperature control, live-stock, valuables, oversize, etc) are carefully studied and the best airplane is offered to guarantee smooth and timely transfers.