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What is an empty leg flight?

An empty leg flight is a flight generated when a private jet has to reposition, either to return to his base airport after dropping passengers at their destination or to go and pick-up passenger to another airport for its next charter flights.

18 Oct 2019
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origindestinationfrom dateuntil dateseatsprice
VKOMoscowRULBGParisFRFromWed 16 Oct 2019UntilSat 19 Oct 201913 27,060
FromWed 16 Oct 2019
UntilSat 19 Oct 2019
FABLondonGBLBGParisFRFromFri 18 Oct 2019UntilSun 20 Oct 20197 5,020
FromFri 18 Oct 2019
UntilSun 20 Oct 2019
TLVTel AvivILVKOMoscowRUFromTue 15 Oct 2019UntilTue 22 Oct 201914 34,320
FromTue 15 Oct 2019
UntilTue 22 Oct 2019
BHXBirminghamGBLBGParisFRFromMon 21 Oct 2019UntilTue 22 Oct 201912 8,050
FromMon 21 Oct 2019
UntilTue 22 Oct 2019
NCENiceFRWAWWarsawPLFromMon 21 Oct 2019UntilThu 24 Oct 20197 11,750
FromMon 21 Oct 2019
UntilThu 24 Oct 2019
FLRFlorenceITGVAGenevaCHFromThu 24 Oct 2019UntilFri 25 Oct 20197 5,730
FromThu 24 Oct 2019
UntilFri 25 Oct 2019
CIARomeITOPFMiamiUSFromFri 25 Oct 2019UntilSat 26 Oct 201912 101,640
FromFri 25 Oct 2019
UntilSat 26 Oct 2019
LBGParisFRFRAFrankfurtDEFromFri 25 Oct 2019UntilSat 26 Oct 201914 11,220
FromFri 25 Oct 2019
UntilSat 26 Oct 2019
NCENiceFRSOFSofiaBGFromSat 26 Oct 2019UntilSun 27 Oct 20191 7,950
FromSat 26 Oct 2019
UntilSun 27 Oct 2019
PMIPalmaESBQHLondonGBFromWed 23 Oct 2019UntilMon 28 Oct 20199 9,180
FromWed 23 Oct 2019
UntilMon 28 Oct 2019

How much do empty leg flights cost?

Chartering an empty leg flight is an opportunity to save up to 75% on your private jet flight price compared to a regular private jet charter service. Back in 2007, LunaJets pioneered to market these empty legs flights through its online private jet booking platform. From Cessna Citation Mustang (the so called air taxi), to Bombardier Global Express, empty legs can be found on any business jet, from London to Geneva or Paris to Teterboro, any destination can be reached.

If you are flexible enough with your private flight dates and time, and you are seeking for a one way flight, chances are you will find an empty leg flight matching your needs on the LunaJets website. All the empty leg offers listed on our website have a start and an end date and time, this is the timeframe during which the empty leg flight is valid and available for charter. After its end date, the private jet will anyway have to takeoff to its next destination, to perform its next chartered flight.

If the initial empty leg offer does not match perfectly with your travel needs but the time-frame corresponds to your flight dates, make sure to contact your LunaJets Private Aviation Advisor to see if there is any possibility to re-route the empty leg flight. In some cases, the initial destination of the empty leg flight is not the destination you are looking after but is close enough to have the business aircraft re-routed. Let’s say you need a private plane departing from New-York to Paris and there is a private aircraft in New-York flying to London empty for repositioning. By modifying slightly the empty leg initial flight plan, you can still save up to 50% on your private jet flight cost, compared to a regular jet charter service.

However, if your private jet travel needs are not flexible or if you are looking for a round trip flight, you might consider using LunaJets on-demand private jet services.

On this page you will find exclusive empty leg flights on all aircraft types, from Turboprops to heavy jets or airliners, for small regional flights to transcontinental flights. If none of the empty leg flights below are matching your itineraries please contact your Private Aviation Advisor who will search the market for you.