Land, Sea, and Sky: the benefits of combining a private jet and a yacht

It’s time to plan your flights for the MYS! Monaco Yacht Show 28 September - 1 October 2022.

As summer wraps up, those who refuse to compromise on their quality of life pop over to Monaco to view the range of floating residences that fire up their imagination. Of course, they book a jet to get there.

What do jets and yachts have in common? Private jets and superyachts are more than transportation. They are a declaration of purpose. They both address the human need to explore the world and chase the ever-shifting horizon.

The sky and the sea both present unique challenges and opportunities. Those who design private jets and superyachts have learned to master these unique environments while offering travellers all the comforts of land.

When you combine private jet travel and yachting, you have an opportunity to see more of the world while keeping up with land-based demands. Whoever said you couldn’t mix business with pleasure lacked the jet power to get them to critical meetings in time. No matter where your yacht is moored, a private jet flight (and possibly a helicopter hop) can get you from the board room to your stateroom, or vice versa, with more time enjoying the sea and less time staring at the tarmac.

By combining a private jet charter with your sailing trip, you can fly fast and direct - straight from the nearest airport to the marina where your yacht is moored and without any airport delays or hassles. Your LunaJets advisor will arrange helicopter transfers to get you even closer to the deck. We also regularly fly clients to yachting events, sailing regattas and boat shows worldwide.

Helicopter landing on a luxury yacht
LunaJets can organise heli-transfer to your yacht

Five reasons to reach your yacht by private jet

1 - Time optimisation

Access to certain isolated destinations by commercial flights may be restrictive. Some remote destinations, such as islands in the Cyclades, the Caribbean, or the Pacific, are sometimes hard to reach or have infrequent connecting flights. The private jet option gives you complete freedom of planning, allowing you the best possible coordination between your plane and your yacht. It offers you total aircraft availability, 24/7 and all year long. You will thus be able to enjoy your yacht in the shortest possible time, avoiding non-essential stopovers, flight delays, technical problems, disruptions in case of strikes, etc. Private aviation will help you to save time in particular thanks to the absence of stopovers between airports.

2 - Travel closer to your destination

Flying by private jet allows you to access airports and runways otherwise not accessible by commercial flights.

Fly to smaller but more exclusive airports, that are less crowded, less chaotic and less congested than commercial airports, and also much closer to the marina where your yacht is docked. Your LunaJets advisor will arrange any transfer from your airport to the closest possible point of your final destination.

3 - Avoid stress and crowds

The flexibility of private jets is unique: no lines, no crowds, fast and efficient security checks, no waiting, simplified and private customs and immigration procedures.

4 - Simplify your trip

Opting for a private flight greatly simplifies the organization of your trip. You will only have to make one reservation to plan your trip to your yacht. All transfers are included in your private jet flight. As soon as your plane touches the tarmac of a small airport, a vehicle (limousine, cab, helicopter) will escort you to your destination.

No need to check in, worry about your luggage, or print boarding passes. Imagine the time saving, even more if you are a large or small group.

5 - Travel free concerning luggage and pets

For both your private jet and yacht, you will avoid lots of hassles concerning your luggage and pets. Just make sure to inform your LunaJets advisor, and we will facilitate all the procedures.

Yacht waiting at the marina
Access your yacht with ease

But how do yachts and jets compare?


The typical cruising speed of a private jet is around 950 km/h (512 knots) which will get you to the Monaco Yacht show with time to spare. The cruising speed of the insanely luxurious Lady Jorgia (ex. AHPO) superyacht by Lürsen shipyards—this year’s queen of MYS—is a more leisurely 18 knots (61 km/h). The AHPO has a helipad if you want to rush out to land for some shopping or sightseeing (or maybe a meeting). Contact your LunaJets advisor whenever you need helicopter support on your journey.


The Global Series G440, represented by our partner Moravia Yachting, part of the Hill Robinson Group, has a range of 5,000 nm at a cruising speed of 10 knots. Her jet namesake, the Bombardier Global 5000, has a range of 7,000 nm at a speed of 512 knots. A go-anywhere jet and a go-anywhere yacht is a perfect combination.

Room for friends and family

The elegantly redesigned 85,65m B2 superyacht by Abeking and Rasmussen—presented at the Monaco Yacht Show by our partner Moravia Yachting—has room onboard for 22 guests. This majestic ship is outfitted with all the amenities to ensure seafarers are never far from home comforts. Booking a private flight on a customised ACJ320 will help get those 22 guests to the yacht with an equal standard of luxury.

The Right Crew

Whether you own or charter, every private jet and superyacht requires knowledgeable management and a skilled crew to remain ship-shape throughout its service.

The Luna Aviation Group offers the right flight solutions to suit the needs of the yacht and jet set, from LunaJets’ specialised private jet services to charters, logistics and emergency services, and private jet acquisition consultancy. Our partnership with Hill Robinson Group ensures our clients can explore the limits of the globe on land, sea and air in luxury and at their leisure.

The marina during the Monaco Yacht Show
Monaco Yacht Show

Don’t forget to book early for Monaco

LunaJets offers exclusive deals on private flights and helicopter transfers to the Monaco Yacht Show. The airports surrounding the event will be bustling. We recommend you make your travel arrangements well in advance to secure take-off and landing slots. For more information, contact us, our dedicated team is 24/7 to ensure you don’t miss any special events during the 2022 MYS.

LunaJets will be present with our yachting partner Hill Robinson on-site during the Monaco Yacht Show, at the end of September. The perfect opportunity to combine your private jet and yachting needs. Do not hesitate to visit us!