Answers to Five Common Questions About Private Jets

At LunaJets, we’re happy to answer your questions on the skies.

Flying by private jet is the very definition of freedom of movement. Many of the typical restrictions of commercial flights don’t apply. Passengers are in command of their experience, ensuring they get where they need to be quickly and comfortably.

Here are answers to five common questions about private jets:

1. Are private jets safe?

Yes. Thanks to advances in aircraft systems and general aviation regulations, today’s private jets are a safe alternative to commercial air travel. A fully qualified crew provides flight services, often including a flight attendant trained to assist passengers during an emergency. While there are more reported accidents in general aviation than commercial aviation, it’s important to note that most general aviation accidents occur on smaller aircraft, often flown by hobbyist pilots. As Eurostat reports, “small aeroplanes, dirigibles, para- and motor-gliders, 'microlights', small helicopters as well as hot air balloons, recorded the highest share of fatalities (92.6 % of all fatalities in aviation accidents).” When you hire a private jet, you get far more than the flight. LunaJets manages the logistics, coordinating with providers to ensure your selected aircraft is in flight-ready condition and your crew is ready to fly, so you can confidently step aboard, relax and enjoy the journey, and land safely at your destination.

2. Can private jets fly any time?

Almost. Your flight plan must meet the airstrip, airport and air traffic control requirements. Some flight time restrictions and landing slot limitations apply at specific European airports. Many airports in Europe are closed for nighttime operations, and though some will allow landing 24 hours a day, they may not permit aircraft to take off late at night. FBOs on the airport site may also have limited operating hours. Those local regulatory restrictions aside, a private jet can fly at whatever time suits you best, and the aircraft won’t take off without you. Consult your LunaJets advisor on your specific flight time needs.

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3. Can private jets fly anywhere?

Technically, private jets can fly anywhere where they can take off and land safely. The critical considerations for any destination are the jet size, airstrip size, weight, and fuel needed to fly there. Today’s larger long-haul jets can comfortably fly passengers worldwide without stopping for fuel, or making only one stop. But they require take-off and landing strips of suitable length, which varies by aircraft model. Smaller jets are ideal for shorter trips to smaller or rougher airstrips, but they limit the number of passengers who can comfortably fly onboard and may have less room for luggage. You will likely have a broader range of options for destinations by flying private than flying commercial. Many small and some mid-size jets can land where a commercial aircraft cannot, including airports that will be much closer to your destination. LunaJets advisors take all these factors into account, as well as your stated flight preferences, when making their recommendations for flight arrangements. You always control your flight experience and have your say on the final arrangements. If you have an aircraft preference for your trip, a schedule to keep, or need special accommodations onboard, LunaJets will do everything possible to meet your needs.

4. Do private jets go through customs and security?

Yes. Customs and security requirements apply when you fly on a private jet, in compliance with the local government regulations. Still, it’s a much smoother process than you might experience flying on a commercial flight. Private jet passengers fly through FBOs which have their own customs and security services. With far fewer passengers at the FBO at any one time, these processes are quick and stress-free.

5. What can a private jet carry?

The right aircraft for your needs can carry virtually anything you need to bring onboard, from luggage to sporting or other special equipment, to a motorcycle or even a car. Most importantly, your items are stored securely in the luggage compartment of your jet, which on certain aircraft is accessible from inside the cabin. With some restrictions for size and safety, your pets can fly onboard with you. Private jet cargo service can also help you meet your organization’s emergency needs for materials, supplies, products, medicines or equipment. Contact LunaLogistik to arrange for door-to-door transport of all types of goods and on-board couriers to any destination worldwide.