Elite 2024 Balls & Galas: Top 10 Global High Society Events

Embark on a journey through the most prestigious social events of 2024. From opulent balls to glamorous galas, this curated list showcases the epitome of luxury and grandeur. These events are not just social gatherings but celebrations of culture, philanthropy, and high fashion. They offer an exclusive glimpse into the world of the elite, where tradition meets the height of sophistication. Join us as we unveil the must-attend events of 2024, each a perfect occasion for arriving in style with your private jet.

Winter 2024's Exquisite Balls and Galas

Vienna Opera Ball - February 8, 2024

Vienna Opera Ball, 27 February 2014
The Vienna Opera Ball

Steeped in tradition and elegance, the Vienna Opera Ball is a dazzling affair set in the heart of Austria's cultural heritage. Held in the magnificent Vienna State Opera House, this ball is the pinnacle of the Viennese ball season, drawing an international array of high society. Attendees experience a night of classical music, exquisite dance, and a showcase of high culture. It's an event where the world's elite converge to celebrate in an atmosphere of unmatched splendour.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to the Vienna Opera Ball

For an effortless arrival to the Vienna Opera Ball, flying into Vienna International Airport (VIE) is the most convenient option. This airport offers dedicated services for private jets, ensuring a seamless and luxurious travel experience.

The Venice Masked Ball (Il Ballo del Doge) - February 10, 2024

The Venice Masked Ball (Il Ballo del Doge)
The Venice Masked Ball (Photo: Atelier Marega)

Il Ballo del Doge, a highlight of the Venice Carnival, is an event brimming with allure and mystique. In Venice, renowned for its historical romance, this ball showcases artistic brilliance. Attendees adorn themselves in elaborate costumes and masks, immersing in the ambience of Venetian glamour. The night at Il Ballo del Doge is an opulent celebration of Venetian culture, complete with performances that encapsulate the spirit of this extraordinary event.

As a supplement to the experience, visitors to Venice during this time have the opportunity to visit Atelier Marega. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, Atelier Marega offers a chance to acquire a custom-made mask or even partake in the art of mask-making, adding an authentic touch to the Venetian experience.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to The Venice Masked Ball (Il Ballo del Doge)

Arriving at Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) offers the most direct access to the heart of Venice for the Masked Ball. The airport caters to private jets with exclusive facilities, blending convenience with luxury.

Swiss Red Cross Gstaad Gala - February 13, 2024

The Swiss Red Cross Gstaad Gala is a harmonious blend of philanthropy and luxury, set in the picturesque Swiss Alps. This exclusive event is synonymous with elegance, attracting a discerning international audience. It combines a charitable cause with a night of high-end entertainment, fine dining, and networking among the global elite. Set against the backdrop of snowy peaks, it's an event that epitomises luxury in the heart of nature.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to the Swiss Red Cross Gstaad Gala

Gstaad Airport (LSGK) is the ideal landing spot for those attending the Swiss Red Cross Gala. Its location amidst the Alps and tailored services for private jets make it the preferred choice for a discerning clientele.

Spring 2024's Prestigious Balls and Galas

Monaco Rose Ball (Bal de la Rose) - March 23, 2024

H.S.H. Prince Albert II, H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover and Christian Louboutin at the Bal de la Rose 2022 in Monaco.
H.S.H. Prince Albert II, H.R.H. The Princess of Hanover and Christian Louboutin at the Bal de la Rose 2022

The Monaco Rose Ball, a symbol of glamour and luxury, is an iconic event in the heart of Monte Carlo. Renowned for its illustrious guest list, including royalty and celebrities, this ball combines opulence with charitable giving. The evening is filled with exquisite performances, haute couture fashion, and sumptuous dining, all set against the backdrop of the stunning Riviera. It's an event that epitomises the high life, offering an unparalleled social experience.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to the Monaco Rose Ball (Bal de la Rose)

Arrive in unmatched style at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE), the closest and most convenient airport for those attending the Monaco Rose Ball. It's renowned for its exceptional service for private jets and proximity to Monte Carlo.

The Met Gala - May 6, 2024

Mark Ronson, Lykke Li, Julianne Moore, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Joan Collins, and Lay Zhang, all dressed in Valentino, departed from the Pierre Hotel in New York, NY on May 6, 2019, to attend the Met Gala.

The Met Gala in New York City is more than a ball; it's a fusion of high fashion, art, and celebrity culture. Held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this exclusive event is themed each year, with guests showcasing innovative and avant-garde attire. The gala is a major fundraising event for the museum's Costume Institute and is widely regarded as one of the most significant nights in fashion. It's a spectacle where glamour and creativity collide.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to The Met Gala

Teterboro Airport (TEB) in New Jersey is the preferred choice for those flying private jets to the Met Gala. Known for its exclusivity and proximity to Manhattan, it offers a discreet and efficient gateway to the event.

amfAR Gala Cannes - May 23, 2024

Elegant and timeless, Sharon Stone captivates at the amfAR Gala in Cannes, hosted at the iconic Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.
Sharon Stone at the amfAR Gala Cannes, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc

Set amidst the glitz of the Cannes Film Festival, the amfAR Gala Cannes is a pinnacle of cinematic and philanthropic excellence. This star-studded event raises funds for AIDS research, blending high society with a noble cause. Guests enjoy a luxurious evening of entertainment, fashion shows, and an exclusive auction. It's a night where cinema, charity, and glamour converge in the French Riviera, making it an unmissable event for the global elite.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to the amfAR Gala Cannes

Cannes-Mandelieu Airport (CEQ) offers the most direct and luxurious route to the amfAR Gala. Catering specifically to private jets, it ensures a swift and elegant arrival to Cannes.

Summer 2024's Exclusive Balls and Galas

LuisaViaRoma x UNICEF Gala in Capri - July 27, 2024

LuisaViaRoma x UNICEF Gala

The LuisaViaRoma x UNICEF Gala in Capri is a celebration of fashion, philanthropy, and Mediterranean charm. Held on the picturesque island of Capri, this event brings together international celebrities, influencers, and philanthropists. The gala is noted for its stunning location, high-end fashion shows, and commitment to supporting UNICEF’s initiatives. It's an evening where luxury and charitable giving meet, set against the backdrop of Capri's breathtaking landscapes.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to the LuisaViaRoma x UNICEF Gala in Capri

Naples International Airport (NAP) is the gateway of choice for those attending the gala in Capri. Offering top-tier services for private jets, it provides convenient access to the island via a short helicopter or boat transfer.

Queen Charlotte's Ball (United Kingdom) - Early September 2024

Queen Charlotte's Ball 2021.
Queen Charlotte's Ball 2021 (Photo: Kate Green/Getty Images)

Queen Charlotte's Ball, held in London, is a quintessential British event marking the height of the social season. Known as the pinnacle of debutante balls, it showcases young women from distinguished families in a grand setting. The event is steeped in history and tradition, offering a night of elegance, fashion, and aristocratic charm. It's a celebration that captures the essence of British high society, making it a landmark event on the social calendar.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to Queen Charlotte's Ball

London City Airport (LCY) is ideally suited for those attending Queen Charlotte's Ball. Located in the heart of London, it offers unparalleled access to the city and bespoke services for private jet travellers.

Autumn 2024's Distinguished Balls and Galas

Paris Opera Ballet Opening Gala - Late September 2024

The Paris Opera Ballet Opening Gala marks the commencement of the ballet season in Paris, exuding elegance and artistic excellence. Held at the iconic Palais Garnier, this event is a blend of high culture and sophistication. Attendees witness breathtaking ballet performances by world-renowned dancers, set in one of the world's most beautiful opera houses. It's a night that celebrates the arts in a city synonymous with culture and refinement.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to the Paris Opera Ballet Opening Gala

Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LBG) is the preferred choice for guests flying private to the Paris Opera Ballet Opening Gala. As Europe's leading private jet airport, it provides an elite gateway to the heart of Paris.

Swiss Red Cross Ball in Geneva - Late September 2024

Red Cross Ball in Geneva, 2019.
Red Cross Ball in Geneva (Photo: Swiss Red Cross)

The Swiss Red Cross Ball in Geneva is a symbol of humanitarian commitment combined with Swiss elegance. This gala is a major fundraising event for the Red Cross, attracting a global audience of philanthropists and dignitaries. The evening is filled with glamour, gourmet dining, and exclusive entertainment, all dedicated to supporting the noble mission of the Red Cross. Set in the picturesque city of Geneva, it's an event that exemplifies the spirit of giving in style.

Best Airport for Private Jet Charter to the Swiss Red Cross Ball in Geneva

Geneva Cointrin International Airport (GVA) is ideally situated for attendees of the Swiss Red Cross Ball. Known for its superior facilities for private jets, it ensures a discreet and luxurious arrival in Geneva.


The year 2024 presents an array of sumptuous balls and galas, each offering a unique blend of culture, philanthropy, and elegance. These events are not just about socialising; they are about experiencing the pinnacle of luxury, tradition, and charitable giving. Each destination, accessible by private jet, adds an extra layer of exclusivity and comfort to your journey. Whether you're drawn to the cultural richness of Vienna, the cinematic glamour of Cannes, or the historic charm of London, these events promise unforgettable experiences. Let LunaJets elevate your travel to these prestigious events, where every detail is tailored to your highest expectations.

Photo credit: Gryffindor - CC BY-SA 4.0