Venice Marco Polo Airport for private jets

The Venice Marco Polo Airport is also named Venezia Tessera International Airport. Dive into the heart of luxury aviation and experience the allure of Venice Marco Polo Airport with LunaJets. Set against the backdrop of Venice's enchanting canals and historic architecture, this gateway offers an impeccable blend of world-class service and Italian charm.

Private Jet Pricing for Venice Marco Polo Airport

For those seeking an unmatched experience in private aviation, here's a glimpse of the routes and prices for a luxurious journey to the Venice Marco Polo Airport:

Origin AirportAircraft ModelFlight DurationPrice (€)
Paris Le BourgetFalcon 8X1h 45m€12,000
London LutonEmbraer Legacy 5002h€14,000
Geneva CointrinChallenger 6051h 30m€11,000
ZurichGulfstream G6501h 20m€10,500

(Please note: Prices are indicative and can vary based on availability and seasonality.)

Venice Marco Polo Airport Details:

To further acquaint you with this elite gateway, here are some essential details about the airport:

Venice Marco Polo Airport
GPS Location45.5285306, 12.1702474
Elevation7 ft (2 m)
Number of Runways2
Number of Terminals2
venezia airport aerial view

Venice Marco Polo is not just renowned for its enchanting locale, but it's also celebrated for its unwavering commitment to serve the bespoke needs of private jet travellers. Beyond the swift take-offs and discreet landings, the real charm lies in the elite in-flight experience tailored for those who settle for nothing but the best.

VIP Services On Board

Every journey aboard a private flight from or to Venice Marco Polo is a testimony to unparalleled luxury. The bespoke on-board services are curated keeping the distinguished traveller in mind:

  • Personalised Gourmet Dining: Whether it's a craving for fresh Italian truffle pasta or an exotic French wine, the on-board chefs ensure that your palette is treated with utmost care. Every dish is prepared using the freshest ingredients and can be customised to dietary preferences.

  • In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity: Stay connected, entertained, or just switch off. The latest technology ensures that you have access to global news, blockbuster movies, or that crucial business presentation, all at your fingertips. And if you wish to disconnect and catch some sleep, state-of-the-art noise-cancelling technologies ensure a peaceful rest.

  • Spacious & Luxurious Interiors: From leather-clad seats that recline into beds to meeting rooms, the aircraft interiors are designed for relaxation, work, or even a bit of both. With ample legroom, mood lighting, and panoramic windows, the journey becomes as memorable as the destination.

  • Dedicated Cabin Attendants: At your service throughout the flight, the highly-trained attendants cater to every whim and ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. Be it a refreshing beverage, a blanket, or simply some information about your destination, they've got you covered.

  • Absolute Privacy: For many, the essence of private flying is the promise of unmatched privacy. Whether you're planning a business strategy or simply want to unwind, you can be assured of complete confidentiality.

The airport complements these services with dedicated private terminals and lounges, ensuring VIP clients receive swift, discreet, and personalised ground services, setting the gold standard in private aviation.

Ideal Aircraft for Private Flights to Venice Marco Polo Airport

When planning a private journey to or from Venice Marco Polo, the choice of aircraft plays a pivotal role in ensuring the journey's comfort, efficiency, and luxury. Here are some prime aircraft choices tailored to the airport's specifications and the discerning needs of private jet travellers:

Falcon 8X

Pros: This long-range jet boasts a spacious cabin, capable of accommodating up to 16 passengers. Its impressive range means non-stop flights to far-off destinations. The Falcon 8X also features advanced noise suppression techniques, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Cons: It may be larger than required for short European hops, potentially leading to slightly higher costs than a more regionally-focused jet.

Embraer Legacy 500

Pros: Mid-sized yet spacious, the Legacy 500 can comfortably seat up to 9 passengers. It's ideal for inter-European flights, with a balance of range, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. Its stand-up cabin and flat floor are rarities in its class.

Cons: While it's perfectly suited for Europe, its range might fall short for transcontinental flights without stopovers.

Challenger 605

Pros: A preferred choice among many elite travellers, the Challenger 605 can seat up to 12 passengers. Its wide cabin space, combined with impressive transatlantic capability, makes it a versatile choice for both short and long-haul flights.

Cons: Its size might make it slightly less economical for very short trips compared to smaller, light jets.

Gulfstream G650

Pros: As a long-range jet, the G650 is in a class of its own. Capable of carrying up to 19 passengers, it's ideal for transcontinental or intercontinental journeys. The bespoke interiors, high-speed connectivity, and advanced cabin management system offer a luxurious experience.

Cons: Due to its premium positioning and capabilities, chartering a G650 can be costlier than other jets, making it an extravagant choice for shorter distances.

Cessna Citation X

Pros: Recognised as one of the fastest civil jets, the Citation X is perfect for those looking to get to their destination swiftly. Seating 8 passengers comfortably, it's a great choice for medium to long-range flights.

Cons: The cabin, while luxurious, might feel slightly less spacious than some of the other jets in its range.

Choosing the right aircraft for your journey depends on various factors including the number of passengers, range required, budget, and the desired in-flight experience. Each of the aforementioned jets offers unique advantages tailored to different needs and preferences.

Why LunaJets is the Premier Choice for Venice Marco Polo Travellers

When luxury, precision, and reliability intersect, you find LunaJets at the crossroads. Entrust us with your journey and witness the pinnacle of elite air travel. Our services at Venice Marco Polo Airport are tailored to perfection, prioritising flexibility and your comfort. Our wide network ensures that wherever you're jetting in from, LunaJets delivers an unparalleled experience. Learn more about our unmatched services here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the peak travel times for private flights at Venice Marco Polo?

The peak times tend to align with major events such as the Venice Film Festival or the Biennale. However, with LunaJets, you're always prioritised.

How does LunaJets ensure the highest standards of service at Venice Marco Polo?

Through our meticulous attention to detail and our unparalleled partnerships, we offer a seamless experience from booking to landing.

Are there dedicated private jet terminals or lounges at Venice Marco Polo?

Absolutely. Venice Marco Polo boasts dedicated terminals and lounges exclusively for private jet travellers, ensuring utmost discretion and comfort.

Can I book a last-minute private flight with LunaJets to Venice?

Yes, LunaJets prides itself on flexibility and can accommodate last-minute bookings, ensuring a seamless and timely journey.

What safety precautions does LunaJets undertake for its flights, especially concerning health and wellness?

LunaJets adheres to international safety standards, with regular aircraft maintenance and strict health protocols, especially in light of global health concerns. We ensure that the aircraft are sanitised and equipped with necessary health amenities.

How do I customise my in-flight meal or entertainment preferences?

Once you book with LunaJets, our dedicated concierge team will be in touch to discuss all your preferences, ensuring a tailor-made in-flight experience.

Are pets allowed on board for private flights to Venice Marco Polo Airport?

Absolutely. We understand that pets are family. When booking with LunaJets, simply notify us about your furry friend, and we will ensure they travel comfortably.

Is there a weight or baggage limit for private flights?

Baggage allowances vary depending on the chosen aircraft. While private jets are more flexible than commercial airlines, it's always best to specify your baggage requirements when booking to ensure convenience.

How early should I arrive at the airport for my private flight?

One of the luxuries of private jet travel is reduced wait times. Typically, arriving 15-30 minutes before departure is sufficient, but it's always recommended to confirm during your booking process.

Can LunaJets assist with ground transportation upon arrival at Venice Marco Polo?

Indeed, we offer a comprehensive travel solution. Inform us of your ground transportation needs, be it a limousine or a luxury car rental, and we'll ensure your journey is smooth even after you land.