Hire a Cessna Citation X Super Midsize Jet

For a long time, the Citation X (Ten), Cessna's flagship aircraft, held the record for the fastest civilian jet since Concorde. Although this accolade now belongs tothe Gulfstream G650, the Citation X is still extremely fast, much more so than any other aircraft in its category of Super Midsize Jets. With a range of over 5600km, the Citation X is capable of intercontinental travel, flying non-stop from Dubai to Nice, for example. This excellent performance stems from oversized twin-turbo Rolls-Royce engines and the aircraft's intelligent design features, such as the easily recognizable profiled wing and winglets. Stylish and modern, the Citation X's interior provides all the amenities you would expect to find inside a state-of-the-art corporate jet. Up to 8 passengers fit inside the spacious cabin which features two Club 4 seating arrangements to provide a comfortable journey. In this way, the Citation X matches its exceptional performance with an enjoyable and relaxing flight experience.

Cessna Citation X

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Cessna Citation X private jet

Length: 7.67 meters

Height: 1.72 meters

Width: 1.68 meters



Range Map

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