Charter a Cessna Private Jet

Cessna Aircraft Company is an American aircraft-manufacturing corporation founded in 1927 and currently a subsidiary of Textron Aviation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas. Cessna are specialized in the production of small piston-powered aircraft and Business Jets.

Cessna’s Business Jet models include Very Light Jets (Citation Mustang), Light Jets (Cessna Citation M2 and CJ series based on Model 525), Super Light Jets (Citation XLS, Citation XLS+) and Mid-Size Jets (Citation Latitude, Citation Sovereign and Citation X). Moreover, Cessna Business Jet models can fulfill special missions by providing Air Ambulance, Flight Inspection or Training.

Announced in May 2012 at EBACE, Cessna will very shortly introduce the Super Midsize Jet Citation Longitude (Model 700). Announced in 2015 at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) conference and expected to fly in 2019, the Cessna Citation Hemisphere is a Super Large Jet with a 12 passengers capacity, a cruising speed of 956kph and a range of 8’334km.

Charter a Cessna Citation M2 Light Jet-5-403.8876889848812-1300
Cessna Citation M2
Speed:404 kts | 748 kmh
Range:1300 nm | 2408 km
Hire a Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ2+ Light Jet-6-388.76889848812095-1400
Cessna Citation CJ2
Speed:389 kts | 720 kmh
Range:1400 nm | 2593 km
Charter a Cessna Citation Encore+ Light Jet-7-428.18574514038875-1780
Cessna Citation Encore+
Speed:428 kts | 793 kmh
Range:1780 nm | 3297 km
Charter a Cessna Citation V Light Jet-7-424.94600431965443-932
Cessna Citation V
Speed:425 kts | 787 kmh
Range:932 nm | 1726 km
Charter a Cessna Citation Bravo Light Jet-7-349.8920086393088-1780
Cessna Citation Bravo
Speed:350 kts | 648 kmh
Range:1780 nm | 3297 km
Hire a Cessna Citation CJ3/CJ3+ Light Jet-7-415.7667386609071-1875
Cessna Citation CJ3
Speed:416 kts | 770 kmh
Range:1875 nm | 3473 km
Charter a Cessna Citation CJ4 Light Jet-7-450.86393088552916-2002
Cessna Citation CJ4
Speed:451 kts | 835 kmh
Range:2002 nm | 3708 km
Charter a Cessna Citation VII Super Light Jet-8-458.96328293736497-968
Cessna Citation VII
Speed:459 kts | 850 kmh
Range:968 nm | 1793 km
Hire a Cessna Citation Sovereign or a Sovereign+ Midsize Jet-8-427.64578833693304-2643
Cessna Citation Sovereign
Speed:428 kts | 792 kmh
Range:2643 nm | 4895 km
Charter a Cessna Citation X Super Midsize Jet-8-524.8380129589633-3070
Cessna Citation X
Speed:525 kts | 972 kmh
Range:3070 nm | 5686 km
Charter a Cessna Citation Latitude Midsize Jet-8-446.0043196544276-2700
Cessna Citation Latitude
Speed:446 kts | 826 kmh
Range:2700 nm | 5000 km
Hire a Cessna Citation XLS/XLS+ Super Light Jet-8-440.6047516198704-1704
Cessna Citation XLS
Speed:441 kts | 816 kmh
Range:1704 nm | 3156 km