Hire a Cessna Citation II Light Jet

Based on Citation I, the Cessna Citation II, specifically Model 550, and commonly abbreviated CE-550, is 1.14 meters longer than its predecessor, or 4.84 meters. This Light Corporate Jet has a cabin volume of 8.27 cubic meters, usually configured to comfortably welcome eight passengers travelling for business. It offers generous baggage space and a maximum seating capacity of ten. Thanks to its powerful engines and increased fuel capacity, range and cruise speed are greater than that of the previous models. Indeed, it can carry an average of 11 pieces of luggage depending on their size and fly eight passengers at a maximum cruise speed of 692 kilometres per hour and cover a distance of up to 3,704 kilometres. However, factors like weather and aircraft configuration affect range and cruise speed.

The Cessna Citation II is one of the manufacturer’s best-selling private aircraft to date; it first flew in 1977 and was certified in 1978. It can be configured to be operated by a single pilot, which facilitates coordination and reduces travel costs.

Ideal for a party of six corporate travellers, it is also often hired for individuals or families.

  • Manufacturer: Cessna

    Speed: 468 kts | 867 km/h

    Range: 1109 nm | 2053 km

  • Cessna
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Cessna Citation II

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Cessna Citation CJ3 private jet

Length: 4.87 meters

Height: 1.46 meters

Width: 1.49 meters



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