Light Jet Nextant 400XT to charter for flights with LunaJets, spacious, excellent range, extremely fast and efficient, exceptional performance
16 Jul 2019
Light Jet

Nextant 400XT

The first production Nextant 400XT, which is essentially a remanufactured and upgraded Hawker 400, was delivered at the start of 2012. It features a variety of external and internal modifications, although it has kept the Hawker's spacious cabin, which is extremely wide and tall for an aircraft belonging to its category of Light Jets. The interior has been modified to be the quietest in its class due to the 400XT's new acoustic insulation package, while, like its predecessor, still comfortably accommodating up to 6 passengers in a Club 4 seating formation and 2 extra individual seats. Externally, the 400XT's upgrades include aerodynamic enhancements, an improved engine mounting configuration and more modern twin turbo fan engines. Consequently, the 400XT has an excellent range and is extremely fast and efficient, resulting in lower operating costs. Overall, Nextant have succeeded in adding exceptional performance to the Hawker's well-known class-leading cabin space to create a Light Jet which is perfect for business trips or weekend getaways.

height: 4.99 ft | 1.52 mspeed: 420 kts | 777 kphrange: 1749 nm | 3239 km

Cabin Specifications

length 4.72 meters
Standard cabin layout
height: 1.52 meters
width 1.5 meters

Range Map

Empty Legs

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origindestinationfrom dateuntil dateseatsprice
OPFMiamiUSVNYVan NuysUSFromThu 11 Jul 2019UntilTue 16 Jul 201914 45,940
FromThu 11 Jul 2019
UntilTue 16 Jul 2019
OPFMiamiUSBQHLondonGBFromWed 10 Jul 2019UntilTue 16 Jul 201914 76,700
FromWed 10 Jul 2019
UntilTue 16 Jul 2019
OPFMiamiUSBQHLondonGBFromMon 15 Jul 2019UntilSun 21 Jul 201914 76,700
FromMon 15 Jul 2019
UntilSun 21 Jul 2019
OPFMiamiUSVNYVan NuysUSFromSat 20 Jul 2019UntilFri 26 Jul 201914 45,940
FromSat 20 Jul 2019
UntilFri 26 Jul 2019
FXEFt LauderdaleUSBZEBelize CityBZFromFri 2 Aug 2019UntilSat 3 Aug 201914 18,750
FromFri 2 Aug 2019
UntilSat 3 Aug 2019