Hire a Nextant 400XT Light Jet

Introduced in 2011, the Nextant 400XT is a revamped version of the Beechjet 400A or Hawker 400XP. Re-engineered from the original airframe of the Hawker 400XP, Nextant’s 400XT received new engines and avionics and a revisited interior. The re-manufactured aircraft offers improved performance, greater speed and range, with lower operating costs as it is more fuel efficient than its predecessors. The plane’s range increased by 50% and its climb rate significantly improved. Since actual performance depends on factors such as headwinds, number of passengers or payload, range and speed differ between one trip and another. Its theoretical maximum cruise speed reaches 872 kilometres per hour.

Typical seating configuration features seven seats: a club layout for four guests and an additional three-seater divan. The interior can be customised to suits travellers’ needs and seat five to seven passengers. No matter the chosen configuration, the plane comes with a refreshment centre, on-board HD entertainment, a cabin management system with individual temperature and lighting controls, and electronically dimmable window shades. While the cabin’s low-noise levels allow for a peaceful conversation and reduces fatigue, Nextant 400XT’s reliable data and communication systems help passengers experience productive, enjoyable flights. A recommendable choice for business trips or weekend breaks.

  • Manufacturer: Nextant

    Speed: 419 kts | 777 km/h

    Range: 1852 nm | 3429 km

  • Nextant
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Nextant Nextant 400XT

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Nextant 400xt private jet

Length: 4.72 meters

Height: 1.52 meters

Width: 1.5 meters



Range Map

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