Hire a Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ2+ Light Jet

The Citation CJ2/CJ2+ (Model 525A) belongs to the Cessna family of light business jets. The aircraft were built between 2000 and 2016 before being replaced by the CJ3/CJ3+ as successor models. The plan behind the popular jet family was to establish a fast and manoeuvrable jet for 4 - 5 passengers in the market that was inexpensive both to purchase and to maintain. The well over 2,000 units of the Cessna Light Jet family delivered to date are proof that this plan seems to be working to this day.

Compared to the original variant (Model 525), the CJ2 is about 1.5 metres longer and equipped with more powerful engines. The Plus variant, which was launched in 2006, has a more modern aviation system and made modern safety features standard. With the Williams FJ44-3A-24 engine, the CJ2+ reaches an altitude of about 7,600 metres several minutes faster than its predecessor - and with lower paraffin consumption.

According to the usual business jet categorisation, the CJ2/CJ2+ jets are assigned to the light business jet segment. They are valued above all for their simple design, which allows cost advantages with competitive performance and proven reliability.

Cosy yet professional: The cabin of the Cessna Citation CJ2
Cessna Citation CJ2 aircraft cabin

Advantages of a Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ2+ as a rental aircraft

  • Reasonable rental prices: From the beginning, the Citation CJ2/CJ2+ has been praised for its low purchase and operating costs. Since even the newest rental models have been in service for at least five years, renters can benefit from additional cost advantages.

  • Proven series: The first Light Jet of the popular series took off some 30 years ago. Since then, countless iterations have been tested and optimised - without, however, calling the basic design principles into question. All in all, the CJ family has clocked up a staggering five million flight hours.

  • Single-pilot certification: Both the CJ2 and the CJ2+ can be flown by only one pilot. This is supported by modern avionics systems that significantly reduce the workload in the cockpit. It is often possible to occupy the second seat in the cockpit with an additional passenger.

  • High availability: As the best-selling Citation jet for several years, it can be assumed that the CJ2/CJ2+ aircraft will be widely available. The availability is by no means limited to the American mother continent of the aircraft manufacturers: The light jets are also frequently found in Europe.

  • Continuity: Not all aircraft series can remain on the market for decades. In recent years, many aircraft manufacturers have had to consolidate their portfolios due to difficult market conditions. However, there is no end in sight for the popular CJ series. This is rewarded by owners and pilots through many years of loyalty to the familiar aircraft family.

Cessna's reliable light business jet: The Cessna Citation CJ2 on the runway
Cessna Citation CJ2 jet on runway

Disadvantages of a Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ2+ as a rental aircraft

  • Limited payload and cabin volume: As a light jet, the CJ2 is not a packhorse and also has only limited cabin volume. If more than six passengers, heavy or particularly bulky items of luggage are to be transported, there are better alternatives. The CJ3 could be the preferred choice in these cases.

  • Older fleet: Business travellers will look in vain for a brand new CJ2/CJ2+. Even the newest models are already several years old. If travelling in a new private jet is important to you, you could turn to the Citation M2 Gen2 or the Citation CJ3+. Both jet models are part of the current portfolio of the American aircraft manufacturer.

Gliding effortlessly through the clouds: The Cessna Citation CJ2 in flight
Cessna Citation CJ2 in flight

The original CitationJet (Model 525) and its successors, the CJ2/CJ2+, have established a leading position in the light business jet market segment. Flying under three hours and carrying up to six passengers, the Light Jets impress as low-cost rental jets without compromising performance or reliability.

There are several other options in the small light jet market. For example, the Hawker 400 XP, which belongs to the same parent company (Textron Inc.). The Hawker has a slightly lower range and baggage capacity, but is considered one of the fastest jets in its class. Although the last Dassault Falcon 10 rolled off the production line in 1989, it continues to enjoy high popularity as a second-hand or rental aircraft. In terms of range and speed, the light jet from the French aircraft manufacturer remains competitive. However, some sacrifices have to be made in terms of comfort and equipment in the cabin and cockpit.

Independent awards underline the popularity of the Citation CJ2/CJ2+ among aviation experts: for the further development of the CJ2 into an even better version, Cessna received the Flying Editors' Choice Award 2000.

Aircraft data

Technical data

Aircraft categoryLight Jet
ManufacturerCessna (Textron Aviation Inc.)
ModelCitation CJ2/CJ2+
Number of units producedMore than 2,000 (Complete CJ family, as of June 2017)
Production startCJ2 2000 - 2006 CJ2+ 2006 - 2016
EngineCJ2 2 x Williams FJ44-2C CJ2+ 2 x FJ44-3A-24
PriceCJ2 Approx. 5.7 million USD (new price launch year 2000) CJ2+ Approx. 6.5 million USD (new price launch year 2006)
Crew1 pilot, 1 co-pilot (optional)
Toilet1 (aft)


Start distanceCJ2 1042 m CJ2+ 1024 m
Landing distanceCJ2 798 m CJ2+ 810 m
Maximum speedCJ2 759 km/h CJ2+ 774 km/h
RangeCJ2 3,218 km CJ2+ 2,926 km
Maximum flight altitude13.716 m


Passenger capacityCJ2/CJ2+ 7
Maximum payload with full tankCJ2 394 kg CJ2+ 363 kg
Capacity of the most common rental variant6


Cabin volumeCJ2/CJ2+ 7.0 m³
Cabin (length x width x height)CJ2/CJ2+ 4.14 m x 1.47 m x 1.45 m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a Cessna Citation CJ2 cost?

The price of a used Cessna Citation CJ2 ranges from around $1.8 million for a 2000 model to $2.4 million for the 2006 model. The newer CJ2+, on the other hand, costs between 2.5 million (2006 model) and 4.4 million for the latest 2016 model.

Is the Cessna Citation CJ2 and certified for single-pilot operation?

Yes, both the CJ2 and the newer Plus variant (CJ2+) can be flown by only one pilot. Optionally, a co-pilot can fly in the cockpit. In many cases, however, the additional cockpit space can also be used by a passenger. This makes it possible to take an additional person with you. Some passengers also enjoy the flight in the cockpit of a private jet as a special experience.

How is the Citation CJ2 different from the CJ2+?

The CJ2+ is the new, improved and modernised version of the CJ2. It features an updated FJ44 engine, a redesigned cockpit, an improved avionics package (ProLine 21) and lower fuel consumption. In terms of performance, the improvements are reflected in a longer range and a higher cruising speed, among other things. Pilots also praise the CJ2+'s fully digital engine control (FADEC): This would significantly reduce the workload during take-off and the first climb.

How many Citation CJ2s have been sold so far?

In 2007, Cessna announced the delivery of the 2000th CJ series aircraft. In addition to the CJ2/CJ2+ (Model 525A), the series also includes the currently produced Citation M2, Citation CJ3+ and Citation CJ4. According to industry information, about 460 CJ2/CJ2+ jets are currently in service worldwide.

Which airports can be served by a Citation CJ2?

The CJ2/CJ2+ is a powerful yet agile business jet. These characteristics allow it to take off and land even from small airports. Business travellers appreciate it, for example, for short trips from Frankfurt to Le Bourget airport near Paris, from Munich to San Sebastián airport in northern Spain or from Geneva to Rome-Ciampino airport.

  • Manufacturer: Cessna

    Speed: 404 kts | 750 km/h

    Range: 1325 nm | 2453 km

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Cessna Citation CJ2

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Cessna Citation CJ2 and CJ2+ private jet

Length: 4.57 meters

Height: 1.45 meters

Width: 1.47 meters



Range Map

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