Hire a Light Jet

Capable of flight times up to 3.5 hours, Light Jets are ideal for short to medium-haul flights and can comfortably fly you across Europe, remote destinations included, thanks to their ability to take off and land on short runways. They can connect more distant cities than Very Light Jets and tend to be more spacious.

With access to over recent 4,800 aircraft, LunaJets is able to source the right private jet in accordance with the purpose of your trip and your preferences.

While a Citation M2 can represent an excellent option for business trips with up to 5 passengers (e.g. a same-day return between and Dublin and Vienna), chartering a Phenom 300 or a Pilatus PC-24 will provide more flexibility, both in terms of passengers and luggage, allowing to travel with more people (e.g. A private flight from London to Ibiza with 6 passengers).

LunaJets’ team is available 24/7 to advise you on the private jets that best suit your needs, and to negotiate the best options for your private jet charter.

Charter a Cessna Citation M2 Light Jet-5-403.8876889848812-1300
Cessna Citation M2
Speed:404 kts | 748 kmh
Range:1300 nm | 2408 km
Charter a Cessna Citation CJ4 Light Jet-7-450.86393088552916-2002
Cessna Citation CJ4
Speed:451 kts | 835 kmh
Range:2002 nm | 3708 km
Hire a Nextant 400XT Light Jet-6-419.5464362850972-1749
Nextant Nextant 400XT
Speed:420 kts | 777 kmh
Range:1749 nm | 3239 km
Hire a Bombardier Learjet 40 / 40XR Light Jet-6-464.90280777537794-1723
Bombardier Learjet 40 XR
Speed:465 kts | 861 kmh
Range:1723 nm | 3191 km
Hire a Hawker Beechcraft 400 / 400XP Light Jet-6-420.0863930885529-1400
Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 400XP
Speed:420 kts | 778 kmh
Range:1400 nm | 2593 km
Charter a Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A Light Jet-6-368.79049676025915-1200
Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A
Speed:369 kts | 683 kmh
Range:1200 nm | 2222 km