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Hire a Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A Light Jet

Hawker Beechcraft launched the Premier 1A in 2005 as the successor of the Premier 1. The Premier 1A's most astounding feature is its spacious cabin, which is not only taller and wider than all its Cessna competitors but also than any other aircraft in its class. Although, the Premier 1A is categorised as a Light Jet, the cabin width and height is, in fact, greater than that of some Super Light Jets, the Learjet 45XR for example. Consequently, the Premier 1A is an extremely spacious jet and easily accommodates up to 6 passengers in a Club 4 seating arrangement and an additional 2 individual seats. The exceptional interior of this aircraft is largely due to its unique composite fuselage, which is also responsible for enabling the Premier 1A to offer decent range and a good maximum cruising speed. This combination of performance and comfort makes the Premier 1A an extremely popular aircraft and a great option for short-haul flights.

manufacturer:Hawker Beechcraft
height: 5.41 ft | 1.65 mspeed: 451 kts | 835 kmhrange: 1200 nm | 2222 km

Cabin Specifications

length 4.17 meters
Standard cabin layout
height: 1.65 meters
width 1.68 meters

Range Map

Empty Legs

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DWCDubaiAEVKOMoscowRUFromSun 28 Feb 2021UntilTue 9 Mar 20211 5,000
FromSun 28 Feb 2021
UntilTue 9 Mar 2021
VKOMoscowRUDWCDubaiAEFromSun 28 Feb 2021UntilTue 9 Mar 20211 5,000
FromSun 28 Feb 2021
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