Hire a Cessna Citation CJ3/CJ3+ Light Jet

Both Cessna’s CJ3 and CJ3+ are comfortable, cost-efficient Light Jets able to accommodate six travellers on high-quality executive seats, with a maximum capacity of nine.

The CJ3 received FAA type certification in 2004 and its production was replaced by the CJ3+ in 2014. The latter boasts several improvements including an extended range and a new low-power LED lighting system. The cabin is also flooded with natural light thanks to its 14 large oval windows. It offers a quiet functional space to work and relax, usually configured to host six passengers on adjustable seats, which swing out for extra legroom, in a centre club arrangement with two foldout tables. Executive tables and armrests can be stowed away easily to allow for greater movement and flexibility when they are not in use. The cabin also counts a belted lavatory, wireless cabin management and optional phone and internet capabilities. The CJ3+ cabin space is comfortable for long-range flights and it is able to carry 450 kilograms of baggage in its rear and front compartments. With four passengers, the aircraft can cover a distance of 3,500 kilometres and travel at a long-range cruising speed of 645 kilometres per hour. However, actual performance depends on factors such as weather conditions on the travel date, or the chosen configuration.

  • Manufacturer: Cessna

    Speed: 415 kts | 770 km/h

    Range: 2002 nm | 3707 km

  • Cessna
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Cessna Citation CJ3

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Cessna Citation CJ3 private jet

Length: 4.57 meters

Height: 1.45 meters

Width: 1.47 meters



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