Cessna Citation Latitude charter: rent the comfortable super midsize jet

The Cessna Citation Latitude (Model 680A) is part of the Cessna family of midsize business jets. These spacious and luxurious private aircraft have been in production since 2014. In the ascending order of Citation aircraft by size, the Latitude was initially positioned between the smaller Citation XLS+ and the larger Citation Sovereign. In the current portfolio, the Citation Longitude now takes over the role of big brother. Clearly the largest, heaviest and longest-range Cessna Citation, it traces many of its roots back to the Latitude. For example, its cabin was simply extended by an additional row of seats.

Citation Latitude in flight
Elegance and efficiency: The Citation Latitude in flight

Cessna stepped up to conquer the midsize segment with a new jet with competitive performance parameters and a cabin experience unique for its price class. As a super midsize jet, it is comparable to a midsize jet in terms of performance and space. It plays up its advantages with additional amenities such as cabin headroom, a completely flat cabin floor and a fully equipped galley. In terms of these luxury options, a flight in the Latitude is comparable to the cabin experience of a heavy jet.

In the midsize business jet segment, the Latitude took the leading role virtually overnight and has defended it year after year ever since: to this day, the Latitude is considered the most popular midsize business jet in the world. In figures, this means over 240 units sold at a price of around 17 million US dollars each. The Legacy 450 from Embraer, which is comparable in terms of features, sold much less in the same period. Industry insiders suspect that the discount strategy of the American aircraft manufacturer has also spurred the Latitude's triumphant success: Discounts of up to 20 percent are not uncommon at Cessna, whereas Embraer sells strictly according to list price.

Overall, the Latitude represents a well-balanced package: Experts attribute the aircraft's success primarily to its reliability, versatility and impressive range of 5,000 kilometers. This has enabled the company to continuously broaden its customer base over the years. Starting with classic business travelers, European ambulance operators and the Japanese military are now among the proud owners of the popular all-rounder.

Advantages of a Cessna Citation Latitude as a rental aircraft:

Cessna Citation Latitude on the runway
  • Widespread use: With almost 240 delivered in the first five years since its launch and a market share of around 40%, the Latitude is synonymous with a modern midsize jet. No current model in this aircraft class is in service more often. No matter from where the next private flight is to take off - a Latitude is certainly within reach.

  • Reliability: The Latitude is backed by the expertise and experience of the world's leading aircraft engineers. Coupled with over 35 million flight hours of the Citation aircraft family, passengers and pilots can count on one of the most reliable business aircraft when they board the Latitude. The aircraft features only the best components, including Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW306D turbines and Garmin's popular G5000 avionics system.

  • Performance flexibility: Aircraft operators and travelers appreciate the flexible usability of the spacious luxury jet: A high payload optionally allows the transport of additional passengers, baggage or cargo. Thanks to the comparatively short landing distance, both large passenger airports and more remote regional airports can be served.

  • Quiet cabin: For business travelers, a comfortable flight also means minimizing distractions. In the Citation Latitude, this requirement has been met by a particularly quiet cabin. Experienced frequent flyers compare air travel in the Latitude with a ride in an electric car: The usual noises and vibrations of an internal combustion engine are virtually imperceptible.

  • Comfortable: Starting with the flat cabin floor, through the generous cabin height and cabin width, to the spacious cockpit: the comfort of the Citation Latitude cannot be overlooked. The extra space between the seats and the comfortable toilet are also appreciated for longer business trips. In contrast to some competitors, Cessna fully delivers on the comfort promises in the marketing brochures with the Latitude.

Disadvantages of a Cessna Citation Latitude as a rental aircraft:

Luxury cabin of the Cessna Citation Latitude
Elegance and comfort: The cabin of the Citation Latitude
  • It goes on: Cessna is more concerned with a balanced overall package for the Latitude than with superlatives. If the intended travel destination just exceeds the range of the Latitude, selected competitor models could be a sensible alternative. For example, the Embraer Legacy 450 flies about 320 kilometers further on a full tank.

  • It can be faster: If the shortest possible travel time is the top priority for a planned trip, it may be worth considering the Legacy 450 from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturers as a faster option. With a cruising speed around 50 km/h higher, the Legacy covers the same distance in less time than the Citation.

The Citation Latitude (Model 680A) is the most popular flight option in the super midsize jet market segment. Flying to destinations up to 5000 kilometers away, two pilots carry up to nine passengers. It combines reliable and competitive performance with unmatched comfort and luxury.

In the market for midsize jets, there are only a few comparable options besides the Latitude: The Embraer Legacy 450, which has been mentioned several times, has comparable performance characteristics with a lower penetration. From a cost perspective, the unofficial Latitude predecessor - the Citation Sovereign - could also be considered as a less expensive lease option. The Sovereign was in production until 2013, but due to its greater age, restrictions in comfort and cockpit equipment would have to be accepted.

Instead of design awards, Cessna is celebrating business successes with the Latitude in its young history: for the fifth year in a row, the Cessna Citation Latitude topped the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) list as the most delivered mid-size business jet in 2020.

Aircraft data / Technical data

Aircraft categoryMidsize Jet
ManufacturerCessna (Textron Aviation Inc.)
ModelCitation Latitude
Number of units producedJust under 240 (as of 27.08.2020)
Production period2014
EnginePratt & Whitney PW306D1
Price19.1 million USD (Augmented list new price 2021)
Crew2 Pilots
Toilet1 (rear)


Take-off route1092 m
Landing distance756 m
Maximum speed826 km/h
Range5.000 km
Maximum flight altitude13.716 m


Passenger capacity9
Maximum payload with full tank454 kg
Capacity of the most common rental variant9


Cabin volume30,0 m³
Cabin (length x width x height)6,6 m x 1,96 m x 1,8 m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a Cessna Citation Latitude cost?

The price for a Cessna Citation Latitude ranges from around $12.5 million for a used 2017 example to $17.75 million for the latest model in basic configuration. As this is a young private jet model, the market for used models is manageable and the price range correspondingly small.

Is the Cessna Citation Latitude certified for single-pilot operation?

No, as with competing jets of comparable size (for example, the Legacy 450), the Latitude also requires operation by two pilots. As a single-pilot alternative for shorter flights, Cessna currently offers the much smaller CJ4 Gen2.

How does the Citation Latitude differ from the Legacy 450?

At first glance, the two models differ primarily in their distinct winglets and the high horizontal tailplane of the Legacy 450. Like the entire Citation fleet, the Latitude has a traditionally modern exterior. The midsize jets, on the other hand, are comparable in terms of passenger capacity: both models offer room for two pilots and up to nine passengers. When it comes to range, the Embraer has slight advantages: It flies to destinations up to 320 kilometers further away than the Cessna.

How many Citation Citation Latitude aircraft have been sold so far?

In the five years since the first customer delivery in 2015, nearly 240 Citation Latitude aircraft have been delivered. According to Cessna, this represents more than 40 percent of all midsize jet deliveries during this period. In total, the Latitude has logged more than 320,000 flight hours since its launch.

Which airports can be served by a Citation Latitude?

Thanks to sophisticated technical features, the popular business jet can also take off and touch down from airports with shortened runways. Responsible for this is, among other things, its large wingspan, which enables an approach at low speed and shortens the braking distance on the ground. The following smaller airports can be approached easily with the Latitude: London City, Lugano and Aspen.

Cessna Citation Latitude

Kitchen in the Citation Latitude cabin
Citation Latitude sidepanel
Cessna Citation Latitude flying in the mountains
Cessna Citation Latitude luxury cabin
Cessna Citation Latitude luxury interior
Cessna Citation Latitude U 680 in flight

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Cessna Citation Latitude private jet

Length: 6.63 meters

Height: 1.83 meters

Width: 1.96 meters



Range Map

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