Hire a Gulfstream G150 Midsize Jet

Gulfstream continues to grow sales of its smallest aircraft, the G150, all over the world, as this Midsize Jet offers the same outstanding performance as the larger members of the family. It flies higher, further and faster than its competitors and offers an impressive range for an aircraft of its size, able to fly non-stop from London to Moscow or coast-to-coast in the USA. It is also certified for steep approach fields such as London City or Sion, greatly adding to the appeal of this already popular aircraft. It impresses on the inside as well as, thanks to its oval cabin, it offers more seated headroom than any of its rivals as well as wide aisles and ample legroom for up to 8 passengers. The G150 represents the perfect solution for any passenger looking to make intra-European flights as quickly as possible while maintaining a high degree of comfort in its spacious cabin.

Gulfstream G150

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Gulfstream G150 private jet

Length: 5.38 meters

Height: 1.75 meters

Width: 1.75 meters



Range Map

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