21 Sep 2019

Charter a Super Midsize Jet

Super Midsize Jets are greatly appreciated by LunaJets’ clients travelling with up to 11 other passengers between distant cities. Aircraft models amongst this category of private jets are indeed particularly convenient for several reasons such as their velocity, their range, their cabin space and their utmost comfort.

Being the fastest Super Midsize Jet with its impressive 972 kph for a range exceeding 5,600 km, the Citation X is particularly solicited by LunaJets clients when time is of the essence. Particularly appreciated by taller private jet travellers, the 1,91m height cabin of the Gulfstream G200 and G280 and its range of more than 6,000 km are also very good options for city pairing records. The Challenger 300 from Bombardier is one of the Midsize Jets our clients charter the most due to its particular large cabin and high luggage capacity for its category. Its highflying altitude also contributes to the relaxing and comfortable flights it provides.

On hand 24/7, LunaJets advisers will always source out of more than 4,800 recent private jets the best Super Midsize Jet that will best respond to your needs and requirements, at the best price.

Bombardier Challenger 350-9-870-3200Bombardier Challenger 350
Bombardier Challenger 350
Speed:870 kts | 1611 kph
Range:3200 nm | 5926 km
Cessna Citation X-8-972-3070Cessna Citation X
Cessna Citation X
Speed:972 kts | 1800 kph
Range:3070 nm | 5686 km
Gulfstream G280-8-893-3600Gulfstream G280
Gulfstream G280
Speed:893 kts | 1654 kph
Range:3600 nm | 6667 km
Dassault Falcon 50EX-8-911-3223Dassault Falcon 50EX
Dassault Falcon 50EX
Speed:911 kts | 1687 kph
Range:3223 nm | 5969 km
Gulfstream G200-8-893-3400Gulfstream G200
Gulfstream G200
Speed:893 kts | 1654 kph
Range:3400 nm | 6297 km