Charter a Pilatus PC-12 NGX : Hire the most modern turboprop

The third generation of the most successful single-engine turboprop family is the most modern business aircraft in its class: With the Pilatus PC-12 NGX you rent an innovative, luxurious and flexible private aircraft.

Advantages of a Pilatus PC-12 NGX as a rental aircraft:

  • Technologically advanced: With the PT6E-67XP, the Pilatus receives the latest version of the proven PT6 engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada. For the first time in this aircraft class, an electronic propeller and engine control system is used. Thanks to this innovation, the maximum rate of climb and airspeed have been increased. With the new "low speed mode", the propeller speed can be slowed down, which significantly reduces cabin noise.

  • Comfortable: The latest cabin comfort features of the Pilatus PC-24 business jet are now also available in the new Pilatus turboprop. In cooperation with BMW Designworks, the cabin experience has been taken to a new level: From larger windows that allow more natural light into the cabin, to completely flat adjustable leather seats, USB and power connections, to onboard Wi-Fi.

  • Off-road capability: The PC-12 NGX lands safely in places that are inaccessible to other aircraft of comparable size. This is made possible by its suitability for short takeoff/landing distances and unpaved runways. The third generation of the best-selling PC-12 therefore also brings passengers closer to their destination than many jet-powered or twin-engined private aircraft.

  • Spacious: The PC-12 NGX offers seats for a maximum of 10 passengers with luggage and one pilot. The 9.34 cubic meter cabin volume allows even tall passengers a comfortable amount of leg and headroom. Large and bulky pieces of luggage can be easily loaded and unloaded via the large side cargo door. Since the cargo is located in the rear part of the aircraft, the luggage is also accessible during the flight.

  • Tried and tested: The latest further development of the world's best-selling single-engine turboprop family stands for proven safety and functionality. With over 1750 units sold and powered by the reliable PT6 turboprop engine from Pratt & Whitney Canada. In terms of safety record, too, the latest PC-12 is on a par with twin-engined business jets.

Disadvantages of a Pilatus PC-12 NGX as a rental aircraft:

  • Availability: The first customer deliveries were made in the second half of 2020. Due to the deliberately limited production capacities of the Swiss manufacturer, the PC-12 NGX will initially only be available in limited numbers as a rental aircraft.

  • Speed: The new Pilatus is celebrated for its high top speed compared to other turboprops. Compared to business jets, it is nevertheless the slower version. If the aim is to travel to a distant destination as quickly as possible, a flight in the new Pilatus business jet (PC-24) is a faster alternative.

Originally conceived as a cargo and training aircraft, the PC-12, now in its third generation, continues to prove its versatility and pioneering role in the market for single-engine business jets. With absolutely top equipment in the cockpit and the aircraft cabin, it is not surprising that the PC-12 NGX is regularly sold out.

Aircraft data

Pilatus PC-12 NGX on the runway in front of a natural landscape (Copyright: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd)
Pilatus PC-12 NGX on the runway in front of a natural landscape (Copyright: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd)


Aircraft categorySingle engine turboprop
ManufacturerPilatus Aircraft Works AG
ModelPC-12 NGX
Produced quantity 2020
Start of production 2019
Engine 1 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6
Pricefrom 3 700 000€ (new price)
Crew1 - 2, single-pilot certification
ToiletSeparate toilet between cockpit and cabin


Takeoff distance 758 m
Landing distance 661 m
Maximum speed 537 km/h
Maximum climb rate 9,75 m/s
Range 3,339 km
Maximum flight altitude 9,144 m


Passenger capacity 10 passengers + 1 pilots
Maximum payload 1,014 kg
Maximum payload with full tank 448 kg


Aircraft cabin of the Pilatus PC-12 NGX from the front (Copyright: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd)
Aircraft cabin of the Pilatus PC-12 NGX from the front (Copyright: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd)
Cabin volume 9,34 m³
Cabin (length x width x height) 5,16 m x 1,52 m x 1,47 m
Wide cabin floor 1,30 m
Passenger door (height x width) 1,35 x 0,61 m
Luggage compartment volume 1,13 m³
Cargo door (height x width) 1,32 x 1,35 m

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does a Pilatus PC-12 NGX cost?

The PC-12 NGX 3 costs €700,000 in the basic configuration. The luxury version in executive configuration costs €4,500,000. Pilatus justifies the price increase compared to the previous model PC-12 NG with the numerous improvements and modernizations. According to the assessment of aviation experts, the availability of the more expensive new model will have only a minor impact on the resale value of the previous models.

How many pilots fly the PC-12 NGX?

All aircraft in the Pilatus fleet have a so-called single-pilot certification. This certification is only awarded if the workload during flight is appropriate for a pilot. The cockpit upgrades make the PC-12 NGX even easier to fly than its predecessors. Of course, the latest Pilatus turboprop is also equipped with a co-pilot seat, which means that multi-pilot operation is still possible.

Where was the PC-12 NGX first officially introduced?

The Pilatus PC-12 NGX was officially unveiled on October 22, 2019 at the world's largest business aviation trade show, NBAA-BACE, in Las Vegas. Both the professional audience and the competition were surprised that Pilatus Aircraft already had all flight certifications on the day of the presentation. In secret, Pilatus had tested the aircraft in several hundred test and certification flight hours.

When was the first PC-12 NGX delivered?

In May 2020, the first PC-12 NGX was handed over in California to Pilatus regular customer Dion Weisler. The former CEO of the technology company HP already owned the predecessor model PC-12 NG. In October 2019, he was the first customer to order the modern private aircraft.

What are the differences between the Pilatus PC-24 and the TBM 940?

The propulsion system of both models is comparable: propellers and turbines are from the same manufacturer (Pratt & Whitney Canada and Hartzell respectively) and have comparable performance parameters. The French manufacturer's TBM 940 therefore has a slightly higher top speed and maximum altitude. The PC-12 NGX, on the other hand, scores points in terms of range and cabin size. The latter offers sufficient space in the Pilatus for a permanently separated toilet, whereas in the Daher a seat can be converted into a toilet with mobile partitions. Since the TBM 940 is a smaller aircraft, its operating costs are lower. Therefore, if the additional space is not needed, it could possibly be a cheaper rental alternative.

Is there a toilet in the PC-12 NGX?

A Pilatus PC-12 NGX already has a fully enclosed toilet and a refreshment facility as standard equipment. In order to allow access to the cargo compartment during the flight, the toilet is located between the cockpit and the cabin.

Which airports can be approached with the PC-12 NGX?

When travelling by air, the transport from the airport to the final destination often takes a lot of time. With the PC-12 NGX this does not have to be the case. This popular aircraft can also fly to and from smaller airports and airfields. For inspiration you will find a list of possible departure and destination airports:

  • Lausanne-Blécherette Airfield (QLS): The Swiss regional airport in the canton of Vaud is only one kilometer from the center of Lausanne.

  • Buochs Airfield (BXO): Closest airport to the venue of the World Economic Forum (WEF 2021). Lucerne is only about 17 kilometers away and can be easily reached by public transport.

  • Marina di Campo Airport (EBA): Italian airfield on the Mediterranean island of Elba.

  • Les Eplatures Airfield (LSGC): Swiss regional airfield in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the canton of Neuchâtel (western Switzerland).

  • Aerodrome Annemasse (QNJ): French airport close to the Swiss border. Geneva can be reached by car or cab in about 25 minutes.

  • Arcachon - La Teste-de-Buch Airport (XAC): French airport from which the Côte Basque is easily accessible.

  • Saanen Flugplatz (LSGK): Swiss airfield in the canton of Bern, about 3 kilometers northwest of Gstaad.

  • Safari Lodges in South Africa: Many safari lodges in South Africa can be comfortably approached with a Pilatus PC-12 NGX.

Pilatus PC-12 NGX

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop

Length: 5.16 meters

Height: 1.47 meters

Width: 1.52 meters



Range Map