Pilatus aircraft charter: Rent reliable Swiss private aircraft

Pilatus Aircraft ltd - known internationally as Pilatus Aircraft - is an experienced aircraft manufacturer from Switzerland, specialized in the development and construction of turboprop aircraft and business jets. A special feature of Pilatus private aircraft is their suitability for short runways, loose surfaces and unpaved runways. Pilatus Aircraft private jets are therefore also in demand for short-term flights from or to small airports and remote destinations.

Well-known models of the Pilatus Group are the single-engine turboprop Pilatus PC-12, the business jet Pilatus PC-24 and the turboprop training aircraft PC-21. The aircraft developed in Stans, Switzerland, are in service worldwide. Due to their versatile configuration possibilities, Pilatus aircraft are used in various areas of aviation. Customers include the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, and Volkswagen AG

Pilatus private jet charter: Key data of the aircraft manufacturer

Pilatus Aircraft assembly hall in Stans, Switzerland
Pilatus Aircraft assembly hall in Stans, Switzerland
  • Swiss company with over 80 years experience in aircraft construction

  • 3,900+ aircraft delivered

  • CHF 1,170 million sales (2019)

  • 2.200+ employees

  • Environmental certification according to ISO 14001

  • Swiss Manufacturing Award winner 2019

  • Independent subsidiaries in Australia and the USA

  • Executive Management: Markus Bucher (CEO), Oscar J. Schwenk (Chairman of the Board)

Source: Pilatus on Wikipedia

Pioneer and innovation leader of high-performance small aircraft

Black and white image of a Pilatus PC-6 on snowfield
Black and white image of a Pilatus PC-6 on snowfield

Since its foundation in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft has repeatedly been able to make its mark in the niche of high-performance small aircraft.

With the now legendary Porter PC-6 in 1959, Pilatus Aircraft succeeded in developing a flexible transport aircraft that quickly became the standard for transport, rescue and training. The aircraft, also known as the "Pilatus Porter", helped the Swiss company achieve an international breakthrough. Production of the PC-6 was discontinued at the beginning of 2019 after 60 years to create capacity for the new business jet PC-24.

The PC-12 first took off in 1991 and set new standards for single-engine turboprops in terms of range and capacity. The market segment of single-engine multi-role aircraft was born. Lower operating costs combined with better flight performance were powerful arguments in the competition with twin-engine competitors. The PC-12 is still considered the safest and most sold single-engine turboprop worldwide. With the second (PC-12 NG) and third generation (PC-12 NGX), performance and comfort in the cockpit and flight cabin of this popular multi-role aircraft have been optimized. Today, the PC-12 NGX is considered one of the most modern turboprop aircraft in the world.

The PC-24 combines the short take-off and landing distances (STOL) of the PC-12 with a jet engine. The higher speed and range make the first Pilatus business jet a challenger to the established Cessna Citation CJ4 and the Embraer Phenom 300. The PC-24 is the only business jet worldwide that can take off and land from unpaved runways. In March 2018 the first PC-24 was handed over to an American aircraft sharing company.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

500th Pilatus PC-12 in flight over snow-covered mountains
500th Pilatus PC-12 in flight over snow-covered mountains

How much does a Pilatus aircraft cost?

An aircraft from the aircraft manufacturer Pilatus Aircraft costs between approximately 4.4 million USD for the PC-12 in basic configuration and approximately 11 million USD for the business jet PC-24 in advanced configuration.

How many aircraft does Pilatus build per year?

According to its annual report, Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG has delivered between 115 (2017) and 134 (2019) aircraft annually over the past 5 years.

Where are the Pilatus aircraft built?

In the early years, production took place exclusively in Stans (Nidwalden) in Switzerland. Today, the production and assembly of various aircraft types can also take place in the USA and Australia.

What engines are used in Pilatus aircraft?

In the current series, engines made by Pratt & Whittney Canada (propeller turbines) and Williams International (jet engines) from the USA are used.