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LunaJets has access to a global network of more than 4,800 aircraft around the world, from Light Jets to Large Jets all the way to VIP airliners, our team of private aviation experts is dedicated to finding you the best aircraft options for your private flight needs.

Discover the different private jet models across the categories and manufacturers and compare the different aircraft characteristics with our exclusive Private Jet Comparator.

Hire a Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ2+ Light Jet-6-388.76889848812095-1400
Cessna Citation CJ2
Speed:389 kts | 720 kmh
Range:1400 nm | 2593 km
Hire a Bombardier Learjet 40 / 40XR Light Jet-6-464.90280777537794-1723
Bombardier Learjet 40 XR
Speed:465 kts | 861 kmh
Range:1723 nm | 3191 km
Charter a Gulfstream G150 Midsize Jet-6-488.12095032397406-3000
Gulfstream G150
Speed:488 kts | 904 kmh
Range:3000 nm | 5556 km
Charter a Beechcraft King Air 200 Turboprops-6-226.24190064794814-1500
Beechcraft King Air 200
Speed:226 kts | 419 kmh
Range:1500 nm | 2778 km
Charter a Hawker Beechcraft 750 Super Light Jet-6-465.9827213822894-2166
Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 750
Speed:466 kts | 863 kmh
Range:2166 nm | 4011 km
Charter a Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A Light Jet-6-368.79049676025915-1200
Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A
Speed:369 kts | 683 kmh
Range:1200 nm | 2222 km
Hire a Hawker Beechcraft 400 / 400XP Light Jet-6-420.0863930885529-1400
Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 400XP
Speed:420 kts | 778 kmh
Range:1400 nm | 2593 km
Hire a Bombardier Learjet 60/ 60XR Midsize Jet-7-447.0842332613391-2200
Bombardier Learjet 60 XR
Speed:447 kts | 828 kmh
Range:2200 nm | 4074 km
Charter a Cessna Citation Encore+ Light Jet-7-428.18574514038875-1780
Cessna Citation Encore+
Speed:428 kts | 793 kmh
Range:1780 nm | 3297 km
Hire an Embraer Phenom 300 / 300E | Super Light Jet-7-462.74298056155504-1971
Embraer Phenom 300
Speed:463 kts | 857 kmh
Range:1971 nm | 3650 km
Charter a Cessna Citation V Light Jet-7-424.94600431965443-932
Cessna Citation V
Speed:425 kts | 787 kmh
Range:932 nm | 1726 km
Charter a Cessna Citation Bravo Light Jet-7-349.8920086393088-1780
Cessna Citation Bravo
Speed:350 kts | 648 kmh
Range:1780 nm | 3297 km

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