Hire a Midsize Jet

LunaJets has access to a wide selection of midsize jets available for charter 24/7. For both private jet charters and business jet charter flights, LunaJets can source the ideal on-demand aircraft for your trip, at the best price on the market.

Midsize jets are ideal for medium-haul flights and spacious enough to accommodate groups of up to 9 passengers. We frequently fly our customers from Geneva to London on comfortable midsize jets seating 8 passengers or from London to Moscow, as midsize jets are suitable for longer-range travel and offer greater cabin space than light jets.

To charter midsize jets like the Cessna Citation Sovereign or the Legacy 500, allowing you to reach any destination within the United States or fly any intra-European route, contact our experienced team, ready to assist you 24/7.

Charter a Gulfstream G150 Midsize Jet-6-488.12095032397406-3000
Gulfstream G150
Speed:488 kts | 904 kmh
Range:3000 nm | 5556 km
Hire a Cessna Citation Sovereign or a Sovereign+ Midsize Jet-8-427.64578833693304-2643
Cessna Citation Sovereign
Speed:428 kts | 792 kmh
Range:2643 nm | 4895 km
Hire a Bombardier Learjet 60/ 60XR Midsize Jet-7-447.0842332613391-2200
Bombardier Learjet 60 XR
Speed:447 kts | 828 kmh
Range:2200 nm | 4074 km
Charter a Embraer Legacy 500 Midsize Jet-8-469.76241900647943-3000
Embraer Legacy 500
Speed:470 kts | 870 kmh
Range:3000 nm | 5556 km
Charter a Cessna Citation Latitude Midsize Jet-8-446.0043196544276-2700
Cessna Citation Latitude
Speed:446 kts | 826 kmh
Range:2700 nm | 5000 km
Charter a Cessna Citation III Midsize Jet-9-468.1425485961123-1109
Cessna Citation III
Speed:468 kts | 867 kmh
Range:1109 nm | 2054 km