Hire a Long Range Jet

You can charter Long Range private Jets with LunaJets and reach popular or unknown destinations across the 7 continents. Our unparalleled private jet charter network allows us to source the Long Range Jet that best suits your needs.

Long Range Jets are ideal for international flights, for business trips or holidays around the globe. LunaJets can find the most comfortable air travel solution for up to 19 passengers aboard a Long Range Jet, at the best price on the market.

Charter the Gulfstream G650 for instance, where 16 passengers can comfortably travel from London to Miami in less than 10 hours. The Dassault Falcon 7X also offers great cabin comfort for day and night time flying, with up to 6 beddings allowing passengers to rest on long-haul flights like Geneva to Tokyo, a popular 11-hour route.

Contact LunaJets’ team, available 24/7, to source the best Long Range Jet available for charter for your private flight.

Charter a Dassault Falcon 7X Long Range Jet-12-515.658747300216-5490
Dassault Falcon 7X
Speed:516 kts | 955 kmh
Range:5490 nm | 10167 km
Charter a Gulfstream GV Long Range Jet-14-469.76241900647943-3800
Gulfstream Gulfstream V
Speed:470 kts | 870 kmh
Range:3800 nm | 7038 km
Charter a Gulfstream G650 Long Range Jet-14-529.1576673866091-8050
Gulfstream G650
Speed:529 kts | 980 kmh
Range:8050 nm | 14909 km
Charter a Bombardier Global 6000 Long Range Jet-14-512.9589632829374-6000
Bombardier Global 6000
Speed:513 kts | 950 kmh
Range:6000 nm | 11112 km
Charter a Gulfstream G550 Long Range Jet-14-508.0993520518358-7767
Gulfstream G550
Speed:508 kts | 941 kmh
Range:7767 nm | 14384 km
Charter a Dassault Falcon 8X Long Range Jet-15-514.5788336933045-7422
Dassault Falcon 8X
Speed:515 kts | 953 kmh
Range:7422 nm | 13746 km