Hire a Gulfstream G700 Long-Range Jet

The Gulfstream G700 is the biggest Long-Range Jet boasting the most spacious cabin in the private jet industry: 1.91 meters high, 2.49 meters wide and 17.35 meters long, excluding the in-flight accessible baggage compartment.

The jet’s new Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines allow it to travel an ocean-crossing range of up to 13,890 kilometres and reach a maximum speed of 1,142 kilometres per hour. Speed and range both depend on the number of occupants, the weather, the chosen configuration, and other factors. Indeed, the cabin can be configured to best suit travellers’ needs with up to five different areas. It has a long galley, a separate rest area for the crew, lounges, a conference space ideal for six passengers to meet or dine, and a master suite with a shower room. Designed around the client’s wellbeing, the cabin is not only a quiet and enjoyable environment, but also features an extremely advanced circadian lighting system able to simulate the sunlight patterns of the time zone the plane is flying to and thereby reduce jet lag. The cabin welcomes up to 19 passengers who can enjoy panoramic views from the aircraft’s 20 large oval windows, relax on ultra-comfortable berthable seats and easily select entertainment options and more thanks to tactile cabin controls.

Gulfstream G700

Cabin Specifications




Length: 17.35 meters

Height: 1.91 meters

Width: 2.49 meters



Range Map

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