Hire a Bombardier Global 6500 Long-Range Jet

The Global 6500 business jet offers the perfect combination of luxury and performance. The "middle child" of the latest Bombardier Global family flies further and more efficiently than its predecessor, the Global 6000: according to the manufacturer, the maximum range increased by around 10 percent to 12,223 kilometres. Fuel consumption was reduced by 13 per cent.

Bombardier Global 6500 in flight over a mountain landscape
Impressive from the inside as well as from the outside: The Bombardier Global 6500

Advantages of a Bombardier Global 6500 as a rental aircraft

  • Separable living areas: The layout of the Bombardier Business Jet resembles a modern three-room flat. Separate living areas allow travellers the flexibility to arrange their living quarters as they wish. The Global 6500 allows absolute privacy and discretion coupled with maximised freedom of movement.

  • Long range: The use of the latest wing technologies and the powerful Pearl turbines from Rolls-Royce enable greater ranges than comparable long range jets. This means that even distant destinations can be reached without a stopover and thus faster and more cheaply.

  • Comfortable: The slim "Smooth Flĕx Wings" wings with their high wing loading act like shock absorbers. Passengers therefore travel in the Global 6500 with up to 2.5 times less cabin vibration. The gentle flight supports concentrated work as well as the use of travel time for a restful sleep. For the latter, the patented aircraft seats "Nuage Chaise" - in German: Wolkenstuhl - are on board.

  • Spacious: The spacious aircraft cabin with extra-wide seats offers enough room for up to 17 passengers with ample storage space even for bulky luggage. The entire baggage compartment is easily and safely accessible from the cabin. A look into the spacious kitchen or the bathroom with a full-size shower cabin is like travelling in a flying city flat.

  • Luxurious: From reliable high-speed internet to a luxurious kitchenette with premium coffee maker and spacious wardrobes, a private or business trip in the Bombardier Global 6500 leaves nothing to be desired. Framed in a modern elegant design, every flight becomes an exclusive adventure.

Crew Rest Area of the Global 6500
Exclusivity also for the flight crew: The crew rest area

Disadvantages of a Bombardier Global 6500 as a rental aircraft

  • Limited distribution: Even though the manufacturer does not provide any model-specific delivery data, a comparatively low availability of the Global 6500 can be assumed. Finally, the high purchase and running costs are responsible for the fact that a Global 6500 is probably rarely waiting to be booked. However, with a little flexibility or regular private jet charter trips, travellers have a good chance of experiencing the comfort and performance of this luxurious aircraft.

  • Massive: spaciousness and luxury come at a price. Lanky the Global 6500 is not. If the Global 6500's range and cabin volume are oversized for the intended travel purpose, small business jet classes could be considered. The same applies if particularly small airports with short runways are to be served.

Bombardier Nuage Chaise seating system
Patented cloud chair: The "Nuage Chaise" in the Global 6500

With its powerful luxury aircraft Global 6500 and its siblings Global 5500 and 7500, Bombardier has succeeded in establishing itself as a respected player for the most powerful long-range premium aircraft. This was underlined by the "Best new Jet Award 2020" from the prestigious aviation magazine Aviation International News (AIN). Even though the company stumbled in recent years and withdrew from some business segments, there is no end in sight for the aircraft of the Global family.

Aircraft data

Aircraft categoryLong range Jet
ManufacturerBombardier Inc.
ModelGlobal 6500
Number of units produced19 (as of may 2020)
Production start date2019
Engine2 x Rolls-Royce Pearl 15
PriceFrom 56,000,000 USD
Crew2 Pilots
Toilets2 (1 x front, 1x rear)


Starting distance1.942 m
Landing Distance682 m
Maximum speed1.111 km/h
Range12,223 km
Maximum altitude15.545 m


Passenger capacity17 (+4 crew members)
Maximum payload with full tank2,617 kg
Capacity of the most common rental variant13


Cabin volume 48,7 m³
Cabin (length x width x height) 13.18 m x 2.41 m x 1.88 m
Width cabin floor 1,98 m

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Global 6500 conference suite
Luxurious conferencing even above the clouds: the conference suite of the Global 6500

How much does a Bombardier Global 6500 cost?

The Bombardier Global 6500 costs US$56 million when ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Who owns a Global 6500?

The first delivery was in December 2019 to Hong Kong-based aircraft management company HK Bellawings Jet Limited. There is no publicly available information (as of August 2021) about other owners of a Global 6500. The fact that the manufacturer Bombardier has already received 100 Perl 15 aircraft engines gives an indication of the number of Global 6500/5500 business jets manufactured or in production.

How is the Global 6500 different from the Global 6000?

The Global 6500 is the successor to the popular Global 6000. The main differences between the models are the aircraft engines used and the wing design. The Global 6000, first introduced in 2006, uses two Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 turbines. In contrast, the Global 6500, which has been available since 2019, relies on the new and more powerful Rolls-Royce Pearl 15. The additional engine power allows the Global 6500 to cover a shorter take-off distance and greater range compared to its predecessor.

Does the Global 6500 have Wi-Fi on board?

Yes, thanks to Ka-band satellite technology, travellers on board a Global 6500 enjoy internet speeds just like at home. Sporting events or other happenings can be followed in real time via Internet TV. Simultaneous streaming of movies in HD and the use of video conferencing services such as Zoom or Skype are also possible worldwide.

Which airports can be served by a Global 6500?

Due to its high range and flexibility, the Global 6500 can also connect airports that are difficult to fly to, such as London City, Lugano, Aspen (USA) or Toluca (Mexico), with the important hubs of New York, Dubai or Hong Kong - non-stop.

Bombardier Global 6500

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Bombardier Global 5000 private jet

Length: 13.18 meters

Height: 1.88 meters

Width: 2.41 meters



Range Map

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