Hire a Super Large Jet

Perfectly suited for intercontinental travel, Super Large Jets offer impressive overall performances and utmost comfort. They are greatly sought after aircraft models for your long haul jet charter.

The Bombardier Global 5000 is a sharp example of the convenient amenities Super Large Jets provide. With its noise-reduction systems, passengers will enjoy an extremely quiet cabin while experiencing the fastest cruising speed among the Super Large Jet category. The Gulfstream G450 also offers optimum comfort for up to 14 passengers on board providing an optimized cabin pressure for a decreased jet lag, a hussle-free and relaxing arrival. When LunaJets clients want to land the closest to their final destination, our expert team will often advise them to opt for the Falcon 900 and its multiple variants. Indeed, in addition to its 3 turbo-fan engines enabling high ETOPS ranging for shorter air routes and large and sleek interior, the Falcon 900 benefits from the best landing performances within its category allowing it to access smaller airports.

LunaJets team has access to over 4,800 modern private jets available for charter. Available 24/7, our advisers will be delighted to advise you on on the most appropriate Super Large Jet to match the requirement of private jet flight and will help you hire the option of your choice at the best price.

Charter a Bombardier Global 5000 Super Large Jet-13-512.9589632829374-7077
Bombardier Global 5000
Speed:513 kts | 950 kmh
Range:7077 nm | 13107 km
Charter a Dassault Falcon 900DX Super Large Jet-12-512.9589632829374-4750
Dassault Falcon 900DX
Speed:513 kts | 950 kmh
Range:4750 nm | 8797 km
Charter a Gulfstream G450 Super Large Jet-14-475.1619870410367-4996
Gulfstream G450
Speed:475 kts | 880 kmh
Range:4996 nm | 9253 km
Charter a Bombardier Challenger 850 Super Large Jet-13-458.96328293736497-3390
Bombardier Challenger 850
Speed:459 kts | 850 kmh
Range:3390 nm | 6278 km
Charter a Gulfstream GIV-SP Super Large Jet-12-458.96328293736497-4847
Gulfstream Gulfstream IV-SP
Speed:459 kts | 850 kmh
Range:4847 nm | 8977 km
Charter a Gulfstream GIV Super Large Jet-12-504.8596112311015-4220
Gulfstream G IV
Speed:505 kts | 935 kmh
Range:4220 nm | 7815 km