Hire a Bombardier Challenger 850 Super Large Jet

The flagship of Bombardier's Challenger range, the 850 came to be as Bombardier realised that their 'Global' series of Long Range aircraft were frequently used for shorter journeys. Consequently, they launched the Challenger 850, based on the reliable Canadair regional jet, to provide the spacious cabin of a Global 6000 but without the range capacity, therefore lowering its cost. The 850 still has transcontinental capabilities but is ideal for medium-haul journeys and provides an extremely comfortable interior, as the large cabin features 3 separate seating areas and is equipped with the latest noise-reduction technology to ensure a peaceful journey. In addition to comfort, the 850 offers excellent performance as it is not only fast, but also efficient.

Bombardier Challenger 850

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Bombardier Challenger 850 private jet

Length: 12.24 meters

Height: 1.86 meters

Width: 2.5 meters



Range Map