Hire a Bombardier Global 5500 Super Large Jet

The Bombardier Global 5500 is a luxurious Large Business Jet with an impressive maximum range of 10,927 kilometres and a top speed of 956 kilometres per hour, which vary according to factors like weather conditions, aircraft configuration or number of passengers.

Its widest-in-class cabin presents refined materials and a highly functional design with award-winning seats: the Nuage chaise follows the shape of the human body and can be reclined to a fully flat surface, for perfect sleeping or extra seating in the conference area. The cabin welcomes up to 16 passengers in three distinct zones: the Club Suite, designed to work or relax, the Conference Suite, ideal for up to six people meeting or dining, and the Private Suite with its adjoining bathroom and wardrobe, allowing passengers to retreat in the most quiet area of the aircraft.

The remarkable soundproofing and advanced air system ensure smooth, enjoyable and productive rides, while the optimised cabin pressurisation lessens tiredness and jet lag. Onboard comfort is enhanced by an ultra-fast connectivity, cutting-edge technology for entertainment and cabin management options, a well-equipped kitchen and in-flight access to the baggage compartment.

The Global 5500 is able to access challenging airports and perform non-stop flights such as Los Angeles to Moscow or Sao Paulo to Paris.

Bombardier Global 5500

Cabin Specifications




Plan of the interior cabin layout of the Bombardier Global 5000 private jet

Length: 12.41 meters

Height: 1.88 meters

Width: 2.41 meters



Range Map

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