Book a Private Flight with LunaJets

Avoid commercial flights’ hassle and enjoy flying in utmost comfort. Private jet charter represents a convenient solution for business and leisure travellers alike. Whether you are looking to book private flights for your holidays and improvised leisure jaunts or for work-related projects happening in different cities in a single day, to attend last-minute events or for a volunteer mission trip, LunaJets will source the jet you need.

Private flights for your holidays

LunaJets specialises in organising bespoke private flights, ensuring each journey is a luxurious experience. Whether you're jetting off to secluded paradises, famous spa retreats, chic ski resorts, or arriving directly at your yacht, our private jet flights cater to your every whim.

Bring as many pair of shoes as you want, travel with your dog to the Swiss mountains for Christmas and let LunaJets arrange for a Michelin-starred chef to cook a meal that will make you feel at home. The luxury of deciding what you will be eating on board isn’t the only flexible aspect of flying private: from cabin size and its configuration, to the colour of the plane’s interiors and the FBO you will be landing at, everything can be tailored to your wishes.

A family holding hands as they walk towards a private jet, excited for their private flight holiday adventure.

Elevate Your Leisure Travels with LunaJets' Private Flights:

Private flights for your business trips

LunaJets' private flights for business trips are meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of corporate travellers. Catered for the busy professional, these private jet flights offer punctual arrivals and complete confidentiality. Whether for individual executives or larger teams, LunaJets provides a selection of premium jets, perfectly suited for every business need

Many jets are equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing for uninterrupted connectivity. The cabin interiors are versatile, featuring both meeting spaces and areas for relaxation, enabling passengers to work efficiently or rest comfortably, arriving fresh and prepared at their destinations.

Emphasizing convenience, every detail from scheduling to onboard amenities is meticulously managed, ensuring a seamless, productive journey for clients to focus on their business agendas.

Business Corporate partners preparing to board a private jet, greeted by a welcoming air hostess and pilot for their corporate private flight.

Elevate Your Business Trips with LunaJets' Private Flights

  • Business Efficiency: Learn about the business benefits of private flights, including time-saving and productivity.

  • Rapid Airport Processing: Enjoy expedited check-ins and minimal wait times with LunaJets' private jet flights, offering quick access through private terminals.

  • Customised Scheduling: With LunaJets' private jet flights, not only can you tailor flight schedules to your business needs, but your aircraft also remains dedicatedly available, waiting and ready for your next move

Private flights for special events

Private flights for special events with LunaJets offer a blend of luxury and convenience, perfect for making any occasion extraordinary. From high-profile sports events to exclusive concerts or significant family celebrations, our private jet flights ensure you arrive in style and comfort. The flexibility and privacy of our service mean you can enjoy these moments without the hassle of commercial travel.

Europe's calendar is dotted with prestigious events that are magnets for private aviation. Key events like the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix in the glamourous French Riviera, or the exhilarating Six Nations Rugby Tournament and the majestic Royal Ascot in the UK, are prime examples. These events are not just about the spectacle but also about the unique experiences and networking opportunities they offer.

LunaJets' private flights elevate these experiences, ensuring that your journey to and from these events is as memorable as the events themselves.

Book your private flight and arrive in style at prestigious events like the Monaco Yacht Show – an image of luxury travel for discerning event-goers

Elevate Your Special Events with Lunajets’ Private Flights

  • Event-Focused Private Flights: Tailor your private jet flights plans around major events, ensuring timely arrivals and departures.

  • Group Travel Accommodation: Organise private flights for groups, perfect for weddings, sports teams, or corporate incentive events.

  • Custom Celebrations Onboard: Personalise your private jet flight with themed decorations or special arrangements to celebrate significant milestones aboard LunaJets.

  • VIP Treatment: Experience top-tier service, with luxury amenities and personalised care.

  • Discreet Travel: Enjoy the privacy and discretion essential for high-profile events.