Private Flights

Avoid commercial flights’ hassle and enjoy flying in utmost comfort. Private jet charter represents a convenient solution for business and leisure travellers alike. Whether you are looking to book private flights for your holidays and improvised leisure jaunts or for work-related projects happening in different cities in a single day, to attend last-minute events or for a volunteer mission trip, LunaJets will source the jet you need.

Private flights for your holidays

LunaJets organises bespoke private flights for travellers jetting-off to remote pieces of paradise, famous spa retreats, trendy ski resorts, or wishing to land directly on their yacht. Bring as many pair of shoes as you want, travel with your dog to the Swiss mountains for Christmas and let LunaJets arrange for a Michelin-starred chef to cook a meal that will make you feel at home. The luxury of deciding what you will be eating on board isn’t the only flexible aspect of flying private: from cabin size and its configuration, to the colour of the plane’s interiors and the FBO you will be landing at, everything can be tailored to your wishes.

Private flights for your business trips

Private jet flights are truly private, as fast as it gets, and customisable to help you work more efficiently, even in the air. With the assistance of LunaJets’ advisors you can hire a private plane that will be configured to your liking. Depending on the chosen model, your private plane rental can host your whole team or feature comfortable office space and conference rooms with a view. An additional option could be to brand your jet; LunaJets can help you design how your private aircraft looks from the outside too as potential clients could see your logo, or fans would recognise your colours.

Private flights for special events

Private jet hire is the perfect way to travel for special occasions. Our Private Aviation Advisors are delighted to assist bride and groom flying with all their invitees on a private jet to Hawaii for their wedding for instance. We also help clients fly to unexpected misfortunes like funerals in the shortest delays. LunaJets’ clientele also enjoys starting birthday celebrations on board while flying with friends to a birthday weekend in Paris or to Milan Fashion Week for example. Art fairs, concerts and festivals, motor-shows and expos, or sports games you cannot miss, are all easy to get to when you fly private: call LunaJets.

Private flights for emergencies and remote locations

Sometimes, private aviation allows what commercial aviation can’t. Some untouched or dangerous corners of the planet can only be reached by private jet. Indeed, we fly clients to exclusive locations where only private jets can land or assists non-profit organisations in reacting to humanitarian disasters for example. You can count on LunaJets for air ambulance transportation services or reaching secluded locations thanks to time- and cost-efficient air charter.

For more information on our private jet rental prices, contact our team any time; we are on hand 24/7.