A Private Jet Charter Solution for Each Industry Sector

Private aviation needs can vary from one sector to another. LunaJets’ team of Private Aviation Advisors has expertise in chartering private jets for each of the industry sectors mentioned below. A solid knowledge of your industry allows us to better understand your needs and to exceed your expectations.

United Nations building in Geneva by a sunny day with the flags of member states

Governments and NGOs

We understand the complex travel requirements of politically influential players and recognise the value of their time. We help you meticulously arrange government-related flights and diplomatic trips. LunaJets also offers fast and flexible private jet charter services for Non-profits and NGOs, timing being essential when intervening in emergency situations or reacting to humanitarian disasters.

Electronic world map focusing on Asia and indicating economy curves and fluctuations and an Index

Banking and Finance

Working in the financial sector is challenging and travelling for business purposes can involve unnecessary hassle. Let us give you peace of mind when it comes to your flight, so you can focus on your goals and arrive ready for business. Enjoy flexible and discrete private flights on your bespoke in-air office.

Music concert with a drum enligthened by purple and blue lights and people waving hands

The Arts

Performing arts, visual and applied arts: we know how to swiftly address the requirements of film, music, and press crews; how to adapt to tight schedules with last-minute changes, and smoothly arrange the transportation of special items too. We regularly fly the world’s top art experts to international art fairs and exhibitions around the globe.

Helicopter taking off from an oil or gas platform in the middle of the sea

Trading and Commodities

The energy and commodity trading industries present logistics and transportation challenges, and we understand the intrinsic travel needs of its personnel. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer swift and personalised air travel solutions to commodity hotspots, refineries, mines, factories, exploration sites and more.

Focused Afro-American sprinter with grey trunks and yellow undershirt with bleachers in the background

Sports federations and teams

When sportspeople travel, staying focused is key to achieving goals. Experienced in arranging private jet flights for clients in the sports industry, LunaJets understands and anticipates the specific requirements of elite athletes, sports teams and managers. We excel in flying international sports federations, organisations, committees and sponsors to major sporting events that attract global media coverage.

Assembly line of a car factory with yellow ground and a blurred man on the left

Multinational companies

Product launches and board meetings, visits of factories, key suppliers and distribution centres, along with fairs, seminars or conferences: LunaJets is experienced in helping multinationals organise memorable and flawless business trips. We fly top management, employees and clients on tailor-made private jets. You can personalise every aspect of your corporate charter, from branded to utterly discreet private jets.