Why the banks & finance industry choose LunaJets as their private jet charter of choice

The banking and finance industry moves at speed, and at LunaJets we understand the fast-paced nature of this sector and the urgent and critical demands made on executives working in this domain. At LunaJets, we know that the benefits of business aviation really comes into its own for this sector, as clients can reap all the benefits of convenience, speed and discretion.

This is particularly because commercial aviation is becoming more complex and time-consuming, due to global staff shortages across cabin crew teams and baggage handlers.

Flying with commercial airlines is no longer as speedy and efficient as it once was, even in business class, which is why more and more firms within the banking sector are turning to private aviation to meet their travel needs.

LunaJets is trusted by a large number of private banking institutions and their chief executives, who recognise that chartering a private jet may not be as costly as they think. We open our customers’ eyes to the wide range of time-saving benefits that can be gained by private jet hire.

Seven key benefits of business aviation for the banking sector:

  • On-demand: charter a private plane within two hours

  • Speed: enjoy a quick check-in and passage through security

  • Convenience: private vehicle transfer to private airport terminal, as standard

  • Confidentiality: host meetings and discussions on your private plane - even on the runway; use the luxurious cabin as a confidential meeting space

  • Comfort: the luxurious cabins of a private jet ensure executives remain refreshed and 'stress free'

  • Your schedule: the pilot and crew are on your timetable; aircraft will wait if meetings run over or you need to divert to a new destination

  • Hygiene: cabins are refreshed with quality air, reducing the risk of the disruption of the Covid-19 virus, or flu and colds

Private jet travel is transport of choice for banking institutions and their clients

Private jet travel is often the transport of choice for the finance industry, whose corporate executives frequently need to quickly travel across the globe for negotiations and high-level client meetings.

We also understand the need for banking institutions to accommodate their UHNWI and HNWI clients, and to fly in key customers and their families. Providing the use of a private jet can be an added touch that delivers extra value customer service to your key clients - at a rate that is more cost-effective than you may think.

A smartly dressed business-woman on a laptop in a private jet
LunaJets understands the need for financial institutions to quickly travel across the globe

The premier private aviation partner for the financial sector

It is for these reasons - speed, convenience and customer service - why it is crucial that banking and financial institutions team up with a reliable private jet partner. Being headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, LunaJets offers quick and easy local access to financial hubs such as Zurich and London, as well as fast and luxurious international and transatlantic flights, quickly and easily.

The London skyline, showing the Gherkin and banking district
LunaJets transports banking executives to leading financial hubs

Read on or click to quickly access details on:

LunaJets’ Geneva HQ quickly links to other financial hubs

As a Swiss company, and with headquarters in Geneva, LunaJets is the go-to corporate aviation partner of choice for many of the private banking institutions based in the city, in what is one of Europe’s leading financial hubs. We quickly transport executives to other financial hubs of London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Zurich. (Read what makes a city an international financial hub, according to Fintech magazine).

As an example, executives can quickly reach the following key business hubs:

Typical flight times on private business jets within the LunaJets fleet to key business destinations:

Flying Paris to Geneva (flight times differ according to aircraft speed)

From / To Aircraft SeatsAverage Flight Time
Paris - GenevaCitation Mustang (Very Light Jet) 401h 00
Paris - Geneva Phenom 300 (Super Light) 700: 50
Paris - Geneva Challenger 605 (Large Jet)1300: 55

Flying to London to Geneva

From / To Aircraft SeatsAverage Flight Time
London - GenevaCitation Mustang (Very Light Jet) 401h 45
London - Geneva Phenom 300 (Super Light) 701h 20
London - Geneva Challenger 605 (Large Jet)1301h 23

Flying New York to London

From / To Aircraft SeatsAverage Flight Time
New York - LondonFalcon 2000LXLarge Jets1007h 35
New York - London Gulfstream VLong Range Jet1407h 25
New York - LondonGlobal 6000 Long Range Jet1407h 15

Our extensive fleet, of over 4,800 aircraft worldwide, including luxurious corporate jets, is in addition to the exceptionally quick check-in times for private jet charter, which usually take around 15 minutes for passport control and security checks.

To save even more time, LunaJets organises a luxury private vehicle transfer as standard for corporate executives, from their home, hotel or office, directly to the private airport terminal, both for departure and the return journey.

Take off within two hours

With a deep understanding of the unique and demanding needs of the banking and financial sectors, LunaJets’ agents are available 24/7 and flights can be organised within two hours, from phone call to wheels-up.

Three private jets on a runway, ready for takeoff
LunaJets’ extensive fleet extends to over 4,800 aircraft

An extensive network of accessible destinations and fleet of 4,800 aircraft

However, with a fleet of over 4,800 aircraft, LunaJets’ network extends across the globe, meaning that financial executives can reach key banking centres in Europe, Asia, the USA and the Caribbean. Charter a private jet with LunaJets and comfortably fly a key team to a longer-haul destination, and still arrive refreshed and ready for critical negotiations. Our smaller aircraft have the advantage of landing on short runways, ideal for urban areas or island landing strips.

When every minute counts… keep connected in the cabin

In such a fast-paced industry, where every minute counts for trades and deals, finance professionals simply cannot lose time. Rest assured that superlative technology is available on-board, with superior connectivity in all cabins. Enjoy seamless connectivity in the air and continue working and responding, thanks to connected cabins and state-of-the-art technology. Technology differs from aircraft to aircraft, but typically, aircraft in the LunaJets fleet are equipped with the following:

  • Onboard WIFI

  • Satellite telephony

  • Connected iPad

  • TVs with a cable connection, to access news and other channels

To view specific in-flight technology for a particular aircraft, view our fleet and click on the aircraft details.

To request or confirm whether specific technology is available onboard, speak to a LunaJets representative (available 24/7) or compare jets with our Jet Comparator Tool.

Private jet travel enables efficiency and multiple destinations in a day

The speed and efficiency of private jet travel means that executives can travel to multiple destinations in one day. Your personnel can jet in and jet out of meetings, and return in time for other essential engagements.

On your schedule: planes wait in case of delays or meetings that run over

Your LunaJets’ aircraft is dedicated to your schedule, and will wait until you are ready to return. If your meeting changes, runs over schedule or is severely delayed, your aircraft simply waits. If you need to re-route, you can change course mid-flight, and your executives can also take off, land and depart from different locations.

Helicopter transfer for onward travel to urban or private destinations

If required, LunaJets can also provide onward transfer by helicopter charter, which is useful when meeting clients externally, for example in mountain resorts, on a yacht or in hard-to-reach locations. Helicopter transfer is also useful in congested urban areas, for direct access to key locations in city centres, such as banks or private banks, when helicopters can land on an urban helipad.

Good to know:

  • LunaJets operates across the world, from Europe to the USA, the Caribbean and Asia, calling upon a global network of aircraft and charterers.

  • View the destinations we travel to, or speak directly to a LunaJets representative to enquire about locations that may be off the beaten track.

  • LunaJets can also transport delegates by private aircraft and arrange helicopter charter for onward transportation.

A helipad on top of a roof in a busy urban district
LunaJets can organise helicopter charter

Gourmet meals in-flight for comfort and peak health

For comfort, LunaJets offers as standard, luxury vehicle transfer to and from the passenger’s home or hotel to the airport or to the private airport terminal. In-flight, LunaJets can provide gourmet meals which benefit travellers on a hectic schedule, and help teams wind down and relax. Note that on Very Light Jets, there are no kitchen facilities, but snacks and cold drinks can be provided.

An elegant dining table with gourmet food on a plate in a private jet cabin
Fine dining onboard keeps top executives in the peak of health

Charter on-demand or frequent flyers can join our loyalty programme

For flexibility and a choice of their desired aircraft, financial customers tend to prefer to lease a private jet on-demand, or to join LunaJets’ loyalty programme. The LunaJets Loyalty Programme rewards LunaJets frequent flyers in a simple, straightforward way. We don’t count miles and there is no jet card to sign up for. We simply keep track of your flights and automatically credit your account according to your completed number of flights. Alternatively, speak with a LunaJets aviation advisor about financing and avoiding pitfalls when purchasing a private jet for company use, and discover how it can be a real asset for your company.

Some pricing bonuses available include:

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 2nd booking

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 5th booking

  • Receive €2,000 off on your 10th booking

  • Receive €3,000 off on your 15th booking

Read more about LunaJets’ loyalty programme or call +41 22 782 12 12.

Cost efficient pricing options

Banks and wealth management institutes that charter a jet less frequently may like to explore some of our cost-efficient pricing options, which include:

  • Saving up to 50% by choosing a re-routed empty leg

  • Saving up to 25% on empty jet charter (on-demand jet charter )

  • Saving up to 75% by booking an empty leg

Read more about LunaJets’ pricing structures, based on which destination you choose, the type of aircraft you require, and desired flight times.

Charter or buy?

Recognising the benefits of private air travel for their firms, many private wealth and finance institutions become interested in purchasing their own private aircraft. LunaJets can advise on aircraft financing, transactions, loans, leasing and jet financing. We can offer in-depth advice on pre-owned jets, lending out jets after purchase, and what to look out for within the aviation industry when buying a private jet. As a business investment, a corporate jet can be a real asset to a firm, bringing multiple benefits and cost savings.