Fine Meals In Flight: All About Private Jet Catering

Whether your flight is long or short, you can have a fine beverage and something delicious to nibble on.

A proper meal and drink will enhance your experience and make your trip memorable.

The options available for catering onboard your private LunaJets flight are as numerous and varied as our impressively wide fleet of private jets. You can bring your favourite treats onboard, order from a local restaurant that delivers meals to your FBO or ask your LunaJets consultant to plan something special.

Enjoy the Haute-est (and fastest) food on Earth.

With private jets flying on average 950 km/h, anything you eat during your flight technically qualifies as fast food. Except there’s no drive-thru, no trolley, and you can enjoy your meals or snacks at leisure. You never have to compromise on food quality or worry about dietary restrictions.

In-flight catering experts who serve private aviation have mastered the art of truly Haute Cuisine. Unlike airline catering firms, the focus for private jet caterers is entirely on you. They can customise dishes to suit your dietary preferences and prepare unique menus to celebrate special occasions, personalised to suit your tastes and needs.

The kind of food you can select for a particular journey will depend, in part, on the location. Still, private jet caterers are resourceful and clever chefs, making the most of locally sourced ingredients.

A tasty plate of cupcake and 2 cocktails served on a private jet flight
Choose your favorite dish to eat on a private jet

Some flyers enjoy having their favourite foods delivered from a local restaurant before the flight, and certain high-end restaurants offer delivery service for private jet dining. But you may find that some foods you enjoy on the ground taste differently in the air.

As we soar through the clouds, our tastebuds and sense of smell are influenced by altitude, cabin pressure, and humidity. The cabin environment mainly affects how we perceive salty and sweet flavours. The constantly circulating air which keeps the cabin fresh can also prevent the savoury scents of your meal from reaching your nose.

Light wines, poached chicken, or neutral flavoured vegetables may be too bland. Those who cater to private aviation specialise in crafting delectable menus tailored to cabin conditions. The chefs who create in-flight meals adapt their dishes to maximise flavour, selecting ingredients high in umami, such as seafood, meats, aged cheeses, seaweeds, soy foods, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, and kimchi. Herbs and spice levels help, but one in-flight catering chef shared a secret to maximising the flavour-enhancing benefits of salt—without overdosing on sodium—by using aromatic Himalayan mountain salt.

If you order from a local restaurant, you may want to skip the pizza and opt for sushi—it is an almost perfect in-flight meal and high in umami.

An essential factor for catering selection is how the food should be stored and served. Some planes have refrigerators, but others rely on coolers. If your jet lacks refrigeration, sushi may not be the best choice. Some jets have modern galleys with induction ovens and hot plates to prepare meals or a microwave. Others lack food heating facilities.

A bottle of champagne with some juice bottle on a counter on board of a private jet
LunaJets is able to organize all types of catering

Know your catering options by jet category

Very Light Jet | Light Jet | Super Light Jet

Due to the limited space on very light jets, light jets and super light jets, food options tend towards nibbles. Expect snacks, savoury or sweet, as well as drinks. Some aircraft can offer VIP catering with extended options, like canapés, small desserts, pastries and more, but usually cannot serve warm food or reheat any dishes you order.

Midsize Jet | Super Midsize Jet | Large Jet | Super Large Jet | Long Range Jet

These larger aircraft may have a galley with a small kitchen onboard and can often offer warm meals on board and reheat your favourite dish from that local restaurant.

VIP Airliner

The sky truly is no limit when you fly on a VIP Airliner. These apartments above the clouds could host a party. They will likely have a fully equipped kitchen where a personal chef can prepare virtually any dish you desire.

Whichever jet size you choose, let your LunaJets advisor coordinate the details of your high-flying celebration.

A flight attendant serving a catering plate on a private jet
Your crew will serve your meal and beverages according to your wishes

Whenever possible, plan your meals in advance.

To work their magic, most private jet caterers need some advance notice. We recommend that our clients advise us of their meal preferences at least 48 hours before departure. Whenever possible, discussing your meal plans with your LunaJets advisor at the time of booking is best.

When speaking with your advisor, please specify any dietary restrictions, allergies, or other menu preferences. Advance notice is essential when requesting unique menus for special occasions.

We understand that last-minute flight plans happen, and we work with local partners to meet your needs. LunaJets ensures none of our clients flies on an empty stomach with our complimentary LunaJets ‘lunch’ box. This quick meal is ready-to-fly on any jet, offering a snack selection suited to the schedule. In the morning, you’ll find juice with a selection of fresh breakfast pastries, such as croissants, inside your lunch box, and juice with finger sandwiches and sweet cakes at other times.

A lunchbox displayed on a table on a private jet
The "lunch box" is a quick solution for short or last-minute flights

Get to know some of LunaJets’ favourite catering partners

Absolute Taste

Fully committed to delicious farm-to-table cuisine, the folks at Absolute Taste are masters of locally sourced ingredients. They work directly with farmers, growers and producers to get the finest selection available locally, and what they can’t find, they grow, make, farm, or mature themselves.

Culinary Jet

Known for their exceptional attention to detail and high-end cuisine, the Michelin star chefs of Culinary Jet work magic in the fusion of Asian and Western dishes. Culinary Jet specialises in VIP Catering for private flights in France. Clients flying out of airports in the French Riviera, Provence airports, and Paris can enjoy the range of delightful dishes created by Chef Mourad, Chef Ahmad and their team. Yes, they have sushi, but if you have a hankering for something closer to traditional fast-food (and yet so much more), their 500 euro “most expensive burger in the world” will tickle your umami taste buds. This exclusive (and justifiably high-priced) Waygu Beef Tartufo burger comes with a fresh truffle on top of 400 gr of Kobe beef, topped with an exquisite truffle cheese sauce. Not sure if you get truffle fries with that, but we could ask.

Harry Traiteur

The sustainable Haute Cuisine experts at Harry Traiteur specialise in VIP Catering for private jets departing from Paris. Located very near Paris Airport-Le Bourget, they deliver quickly. With 20 years of experience under their chef hats, their amuse bouche and finger food selection is designed to impress, as are their custom menus. They never fail to amaze our clients in meeting their special requests.

La Villa Lorraine

Based in Bruxelles since 2011 with multiple locations, La Ville Lorraine has always delighted our clients with its menu designed around the best produce of the season by chef Jeremy Geslot.

A plate of sandwich, fruits and a cup of champagne served on a private jet
Most of our catering are prepared by famous chefs

Wherever you fly, you’ll never go hungry.

We will also reach out to partners at DeliSky to source the best in-flight cuisine menus available at airports around the world, and sneak out to Oberson Bakery and La Reserve, closer to home in Geneva, to find you a treat for that complimentary LunaJets lunch box.

Is Inflight catering pricey?

It can be if you go for a plane full of Beef Tartufo burgers. The price varies according to your selection. But the most significant difference is that your private jet meal has a genuinely priceless view.