Professional sports team? Get your team off to a flying start and charter a private jet with LunaJets

Your goals are our goals

At LunaJets, our clients’ goals are our goals, and never is this truer than when our clients are elite sports teams. Whether you’re a European Premier League football team, a national sports team, a semi-professional team or an Olympic training team, many elite league sports teams choose to travel by private jet with LunaJets due to the myriad benefits private aircraft charter brings to players and their performance.

From the moment you book with an expert LunaJets agent to wheels up, teams benefit from the comfort of luxury travel, an itinerary that caters to your needs, and assurance that every last detail is in good hands. Your concerns are handled swiftly, and you and your players are our top priority.

From professional and semi-professional sports teams to Olympic teams, LunaJets is fully prepared to assist pro or semi-pro sports teams, such as:

  • Football teams

  • Basketball teams

  • Rugby teams

  • Ice hockey teams

  • Tennis teams

  • Handball teams

  • Swimming teams

  • PGA golf pros

  • Volleyball teams

  • And more

An elegant mid-size private jet at sunset ready for takeoff
Get your team off to a flying start, and travel in the comfort of a private jet

Your team’s well-being at the next match depends on your next move

Your players and staff have a lot on their minds leading up to a critical match. Why not avoid the hassles of commercial airports and crowded planes? At LunaJets, our focus is on giving your entire team the best possible travel experience. Luxury private jet travel provides a feeling you can’t get from commercial travel. When your players are required to endure the stress and fatigue commercial travel brings, it impacts their mental clarity. Players that are refreshed and rested will be in peak condition to perform and focus on winning.

Efficiency: less time travelling, more time training

Not only is private jet travel with LunaJets far quicker and more convenient than commercial air travel, meaning less time is spent travelling and more time can be spent training, the rest and ease it delivers contributes enormously to reducing players’ stress levels and keeping teams in tip-top condition.

Just some of the many benefits gained by flying by private jet with LunaJets include:

  • Convenience: when you charter a plane with LunaJets, the aircraft and crew are on your schedule, and will adapt to your club’s requirements and itinerary as needed

  • Direct: travel directly to your destination, and get as close as possible to city centres, hotels, match grounds and stadiums, without losing time in extra travel or onward transport

  • Calm: the calm hassle-free environment of an uncrowded, quiet private airport terminal, means players remain calm and focussed

  • Hygiene: avoid crowds and busy airports, reducing the chances of bugs and illness

  • Speed: an efficient, 15 minute check-in process, saves on valuable rest or training time, and gets the whole club on-board quickly

  • Peace of mind: essential luggage and equipment is stowed directly onboard (absolutely no risk of lost luggage or items)

  • Restful and roomy: plenty of space for teams to relax, rest or sleep on-board, keeping players in peak health

  • Planning time: spacious quiet cabins that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including WIFI, satellite telephony and television screens provide the ideal discussion areas for managers and coaches to discuss match strategy

  • Restful spaces: quiet, restful luxury cabins are conducive to resting and focussed pre-match preparation

  • Health: quality, gourmet meals and snacks are available to cater to all dietary requirements and keep players in peak condition

Health: protect pro players in their prime

Managers and coaches are keenly aware of the need to keep up the physical and mental conditioning of their pro players, and never is this more important than when a team is travelling. Travel can exhaust even the best of us, leaving us fatigued, drained and more prone to illnesses. Pro sports teams simply cannot afford for their players’ fitness levels to drop, and the best way to maintain the players in peak condition is to opt for restful, hassle-free international travel.

“Travel can exhaust even the best of us, leaving us fatigued and more prone to illnesses. Keep teams in peak condition and opt for the comfort and convenience of private jet travel”

A man relaxes and smiles listening to headphones on a private jet
Charter a private jet with LunaJets and keep players in peak condition

Focus: cool, calm and collected: LunaJets provides luxury vehicle transfer as standard

From the minute your team arrives at the quiet, uncrowded private jet terminal, to the moment they are transported by luxury vehicle transfer to your destination hotel or sports ground, your pro players can maintain the calm and focus they need to keep their minds on the match.

LunaJets coordinates all of your team’s travel arrangements, from luxury vehicle transfer as standard, to the gourmet or specialist catering you may require on board. Call one of our representatives directly (24/7) to discuss all the associated transport and transfer needs for your group.

A large luxury SUV next to a private jet ready for boarding
LunaJets provides door-to-door luxury service for your whole club

Coaches and Managers: discuss game play and tactics in comfort

Managers and coaches also benefit from the luxuries of private jet travel. Spacious cabins equipped with state-of-the-art technology and ample seating means that managers can hold team meetings and continue planning and strategizing in the comfort of the private aircraft. You’ll be able to discuss game play, go over last minute details, build up your team’s mindset, review previous games, and prepare them for the match ahead, all with ease. Make use of inflight telephony, television screen, iPads and WIFI to continue game analysis, check weather conditions and coordinate match details, mid-air.

 A luxurious meeting area with sumptuous, spacious seating on a private jet
Larger aircraft in the LunaJets fleet are equipped with meeting areas

Flexibility: LunaJets’ fleet can accommodate the size of your team and entourage

Some sports teams have their own private aircraft, but many teams opt to charter a private plane with LunaJets, when needed. We pride ourselves on our cost efficiency and our flexibility, which is one of the reasons we are the market leaders in European private jet charter. Club managers have the flexibility to charter a larger or smaller jet, depending on their group size, and according to the number of players, coaches, managers, sports therapists and family members who may or may not be travelling with them.

No matter the team type or size, we can accommodate your group

Our experts are ready to assist with selecting an aircraft from our fleet and are happy to help guide you through planning all of the details. If you’re not ready to book your flight, simply call 24/7 for answers to your questions.

Four private jets waiting for takeoff, at night
LunaJets can accommodate your group size

​​Performance: fine food on board maintains your team’s conditioning

Not to be overlooked are the food options on board a LunaJets private jet. The luxury experience of private jet travel extends to a wide array of options and having all your team’s needs met. Rest assured, your athletes will be well-fed. We can help you plan meals, and make accommodations for any dietary request. (Please note that if any of the group is travelling separately in a Very Light or Light (small) jet, more extensive catering options will not be available, as there is no galley kitchen, refrigerator or cabin crew on board these smaller aircraft.)

  • Speak to a LunaJets agent now to discuss all of your passenger’s dietary needs, and the size of aircraft you might require.

For sports teams, some of the following are popular options for in-flight dining:

  • Arrange for a local preferred restaurant or the team’s chef to prepare meals and deliver them to the aircraft.

  • Coordinate with LunaJets to organise health-conscious menus and have catered options available on-board.

  • Arrange and ensure gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan selections.

  • Consult with your LunaJets representative to come up with something extra memorable for the occasion.

For all professional athletic teams, LunaJets’ catering partners will offer menus that account for dietary restrictions and allergy requirements.

Read this fascinating interview from The Athletic with the chef for Manchester United football club on what Manchester United footballers need to eat to perform.

Hygiene and comfort: hygienic,safe travel with HEPA filters in cabins

Another factor contributing to your players’ health is the hygienic air that circulates in the cabins. To fly private is to rest assured that you are doing the utmost for your teams’ wellbeing. Players are protected from queues and crowded airports, and stay rested and hydrated as they can relax and enjoy every leg of their journey. On board, private jets feature state-of-the-art oxygenated air with continuous fresh air cabin circulation, minimising the spread of viruses and bacteria. On longer legs, refreshed air, together with circadian lighting ensures your athletes remain refreshed, avoiding the traditional fatigue associated with commercial flying.

The luxurious interior cabin of a large private jet
Private jet cabins are equipped with state-of-the art air filters

Competitive pricing: LunaJets offers are surprisingly economical

LunaJets offers surprisingly economical luxury air travel options to take your professional, semi-professional, or Olympic sports team wherever they need to go.

Costs vary depending on your passenger size and preferred destination, date of travel and itinerary. With three different pricing options, LunaJets guarantees the best price for private jet charter, with no additional or hidden costs.

LunaJets can usually offer savings such as:

  • A saving of 50% on a re-routed empty leg

  • A saving of up to 25% on empty jet charter (on-demand jet charter )

  • A saving of up to 75% on an empty leg

  • Further savings can be made with the LunaJets’ loyalty programme.

What are some of the benefits of chartering a private jet for an elite sports team?

  • Private jet travel assures that your players arrive in the best possible condition.

  • Cabins are often equipped with state-of-the-art filtering systems to keep bugs at bay.

  • Baggage and equipment stays safe and secure, and can be accessed mid-flight if needed, removing worries around lost luggage

  • Nothing is left to chance and every passenger is treated with the utmost care, so rather than being drained, stressed, and exhausted, your team can arrive recharged, well-fed, and focused.

“With private jet travel, rather than arriving drained, stressed, and exhausted, teams arrive recharged, well-fed, and focused.”

Try a Private Jet to Experience the Difference

While your athletes may have already learned to adapt to the stressors and potential problems everyday international air travel can bring, why not see the difference for yourself?

It’s a whole new experience when your team flies with LunaJets, from the moment you schedule with us to arriving at your destination. We believe this at our core: once your team experiences the distinct difference luxury jet travel offers, you’ll opt to leave the stress of commercial travel behind for good.

Sometimes chartering a private jet isn’t about luxury, instead it’s about:

  • Convenience

  • Keeping everyone together

  • All-around wellness

  • Saving time

  • Drastically lower risk of illness

  • The low stress experience

  • Protecting your mental state

  • Efficiency

  • Reaching your destination without delay

  • Knowing your needs are top priority

To travel by private jet is the ultimate in travel and peace-of-mind:your athletes are treated with care, as are your needs and requests.