Far-flung destinations and landing on sand, snow, grass and gravel: LunaJets’ extensive fleet makes us a preferred partner for the commodities trading industry

At LunaJets, we know that the complex, global nature of the commodities trading industry, whether across energy, oil, or grain sectors means that companies working in this field have very specific needs and concerns when it comes to their corporate business travel. At LunaJets we understand the unique needs and demands of major commodity trading organisations and trading houses, and the essential requirement for a reliable business aviation partner to fly traders, customers and suppliers to far-flung markets or remote destinations.

Many firms within this sector deal with customers and suppliers that, due to the nature of this industry, with its focus on agriculture and natural resources, are based at strategic infrastructure points such as ports, rail hubs and shipping terminals or in locations where there is little or poor infrastructure (extractive mines, drilling and mining rigs, coffee plantations, etc) in these markets.

A dusty red runway in a remote area
The commodity industry uses private jet charter to access remote locations

The complexity of the commodity industry supply chain means that commodity trading firms need to fly all over the world, often in hard-to-reach areas, whether meeting with energy traders in Nigeria to Singapore, to discussing oil markets in the Middle East, across key African nations and Asia, in order to meet clients, partners, investors or suppliers.

Two private jets ready to board, waiting on a remote desert runway
We know that commodity traders need to travel to far-flung destinations

As such, the needs of directors and senior executives within commodity trading firms are unique: they will require aircraft able to land on difficult terrain such as unpaved runways and landing strips, as well as aircraft with a long enough range to access key commodity producing regions, such as South America, Asia and Africa. This is not to mention the comfort needed to stay in peak condition when travelling multiple distances across the globe, and maximising the use of a private aircraft as a luxurious, convenient and private meeting space.

LunaJets, with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, is close to many of the headquarters of the world’s largest commodity trading firms, which are also based here. LunaJets is ideally positioned to serve the private aviation needs of these dynamic commodity trading firms, offering a service based on speed, reliability, flexibility and quality.

Did you know you could take off within two hours?

LunaJets’ agents are available 24/7 and flights for clients can be organised within two hours, from phone call to wheels-up. Check-in within a private air terminal usually takes 15 minutes, including verification of documents and a passage through security.

LunaJets’ extensive fleet offers a wide choice of aircraft ideal for far-flung locations

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of the LunaJets offer for commodities trading firms is our outstanding fleet of over 4,800 aircraft. Executives can choose from nimble super-light jets that can land on rough terrain, such as the Pilatus PC-24 through to luxurious Large jets or Long Range jets, able to travel 14,000 kilometres in a single trip.

Land on snow, sand, gravel or grass with special aircraft in our fleet

For example, the Pilatus PC-24 is the only business jet that can land on unpaved runways and is certified as an ‘off-road’ plane. Certification of the European Aviation Safety Agency covers sand, gravel, grass and snowy runways. The Pilatus PC-24 can handle much shorter runways, giving travellers access to many small airfields, and the interior seats can be easily removed and the cargo compartment divider can be moved flexibly, allowing the aircraft cabin to be adapted to passenger needs.

The Pilatus PC-24 on a short runway in a field
The Pilatus PC-24, can land on sand, snow, grass or gravel

LunaJets organises helicopter transfer, too

If required, LunaJets can also provide onward transfer by helicopter charter, ideal when meeting with clients in mountainous areas, shipping rigs, port terminals or in hard-to-reach locations. Helicopter transfer is also highly valuable in congested urban areas, for direct access to key locations in city centres, when helicopters can land on an urban helipad, thus avoiding city congestion, and, in some cities, making for a safe, secure and fast mode of transport.

Good to know:

  • LunaJets operates across the world, from Europe to the USA, the Caribbean and Asia, calling upon a global network of aircraft and charterers.

  • View the destinations we travel to, or speak directly to a LunaJets representative to enquire about locations that may be off the beaten track.

  • LunaJets can also fly executives by private aircraft and organise helicopter charter for onward transportation.

  • Charter on-demand, join the LunaJets loyalty programme or consider purchasing an aircraft.

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“Speak directly to a LunaJets representative to ask about getting to locations off the beaten track”

A pilot and crew dedicated to you: your plane, your schedule

Another aspect of the LunaJets service is flexibility: we know that commodities executives will schedule an itinerary of several destinations in a short time frame, often covering multiple destinations in one day, or even going against the clock crossing time zones to maximise time and meetings. The LunaJets pilot and crew are dedicated to you, and will wait if a meeting runs over, or is cancelled or diverted. Flights and destinations can be changed and re-routed if necessary, mid-flight, to deliver superlative customer service.

Front view of a private jet waiting on a runway at night
Your plane, your schedule; pilot and crew are dedicated to you

Cabins are optimised for health and hygiene with state-of-the-art HEPA filters

Staying healthy when travelling extensively is paramount, and aircraft within the LunaJets fleet are equipped with high-tech air recirculation systems and HEPA air filters that remove the cabin air, eliminating allergies, viruses, and germs. Travellers can rest easy knowing they are not sharing the space with numerous other passengers and are thus reducing bacterial risk and exposure.

The interior of a spacious private jet, with flowers and dining tables
Luxurious cabins with high air quality keep executives in peak health

Enjoy peak health and entertain clients with quality dining throughout your trip

Also, not to be underestimated for staying healthy and alert are the exceptional quality fine food dining options available on board LunaJets aircraft. Note that full menus are not available on the smaller aircraft (Light or Very Light Jets), as these planes are not equipped with a full galley kitchen. However, delicious snacks and beverages are available on these smaller planes, and clients also choose to order in their favourite food to be delivered to the aircraft for their flight.

Consult with your LunaJets representative if special or group meals are required, or if you wish to order in from your favourite, trusted restaurant. LunaJets can ensure that crew teams cater to specific dietary requirements, such as halal, vegan and gluten free or vegetarian options.

Keep connected on the move with state-of-the-art in-flight technology

We understand that in a sector as fast-paced as the commodity trading industry, where every minute counts for trades and deals, professionals simply cannot afford to waste down-time. State-of-the-art technology is available on-board the LunaJets fleet, with superior connectivity in all cabins. Enjoy seamless connectivity in the air and continue working and responding, thanks to connected cabins and luxurious seating arrangements and meeting spaces onboard. Technology differs from aircraft to aircraft, but typically, aircraft in the young LunaJets fleet are equipped with the following:

  • Onboard WIFI

  • Satellite telephony

  • Connected iPad

  • TVs with a cable connection, to access news and other channels

To view specific in-flight technology for a particular aircraft, view our fleet and click on the aircraft details.

To request or confirm whether specific technology is available onboard, speak to a LunaJets representative (available 24/7). (Companies can also request to select an aircraft based on in-cabin technological requirements).

Shower onboard and arrived refreshed, whatever the climate and conditions

On larger jets, added comfort is found in the form of beds, sleeping areas and bathrooms equipped with showers, typically found on the ultra-long-range Bombardier Global 7500 or the sumptuous Gulfstream G650 aircraft - the leading business jet.

  • The Global 7500 is extraordinarily spacious with four living spaces and a separate resting area for the crew, for optimal privacy.

  • The G650 takes travellers to even the most distant destinations, and can land comfortably at small or remote airports.

Full view of the Gulfstream G650 jet on a runway
The Gulfstream G650, the leading business jet, seating 19 passengers

Charter on-demand or a frequent flyer? Join the LunaJets loyalty programme

For flexibility and guaranteed times and their desired aircraft, our clients in the commodity trading industry tend to prefer to charter a private jet on-demand or join LunaJets’ loyalty programme.

The LunaJets Loyalty Programme rewards LunaJets frequent flyers in a simple, straightforward way. We don’t count miles and there is no jet card to sign up for. We simply keep track of your flights and automatically credit your account according to your completed number of flights.

For example:

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 2nd booking

  • Receive €1,000 off on your 5th booking

  • Receive €2,000 off on your 10th booking

  • Receive €3,000 off on your 15th booking

Read more about LunaJets’ loyalty programme or call +41 22 782 12 12.

Cost efficient pricing options

Commodity trading firms that charter jets less frequently may like to explore some of our cost-efficient pricing options, which include:

  • Saving up to 50% by choosing a re-routed empty leg

  • Saving up to 25% on empty jet charter (on-demand jet charter )

  • Saving up to 75% by booking an empty leg

Read more about LunaJets’ pricing structures, which are based on which destination you choose, the type of aircraft you require, and flight times.